how to add your social media links on youtube

YouTube has hundreds to millions of users coming from all over the world. And if you’ve a YouTube channel, you’re opening up your videos to these numbers of people.

To make your channel more popular, you’ll have to continue adding videos. If you could upload every day, then that’d be better. Keep in mind that YouTube wants its users to upload high-quality videos as often as they can. And if you upload each day, it might provide you more visitors to your channel helping you grow more visitors or audience.

When your channel has become one of the most popular channels on this site, you can further add ways for your videos to be noticed by networking with others.

These days, social networking sites are effective forms of collaborating with other people who’ve the same interest as you. By adding social media links to your channel, you can further build more audience. And not only that. You can also create a certain network through each of those sites.

But how are you going to do it? Simple. Just follow this tutorial.

  1. Open your Internet browser.

    It doesn’t matter what browser you’re using as long as it can help you access the Internet.

  2. BrowserIconsYT

  3. Visit each social networking site that you want to include on your YouTube channel.
  4. SocialMediaYT

  5. Copy its URL
  6. For instance, if you want your Facebook account to appear on your channel, then copy its URL:


  7. Paste each of the URLs to a text document.

    You’ll need it for the succeeding steps.

  8. Open another tab on your Internet browser
  9. Visit
  10. YouTubeSite

  11. Log into your account

    It’s easy to log into YouTube. You just need to enter your chosen username and your password for that account.

  12. LoginPageYoutube

  13. Click Sign In button

    The button is found below the password field area.

  14. Click your YouTube’s username
  15. It’s at the top right corner of the site’s page.


  16. Choose My Channel

    From the drop-down list, choose the My Channel.

  17. MyChannelYT

  18. Locate the Profile section.

    It’s in the middle part of the screen.

  19. ProfileSectionYT

  20. Find the Edit link

    Once you’ve located the Profile section, look for the Edit link, which can be found at the right part of Edit’s content box.

  21. EditLinksYT

  22. Open the text document

    Open the document you’ve created at Step 4. Select all of them to copy the links.

  23. Go back to your browser that contains your YouTube channel
  24. Paste those links

    You must paste those links in the About Me section of your Profile.

  25. PasteLinksYT

  26. Don’t forget to click Done

Your social medial links won’t be added to your YouTube account or channel if you forgot to save them.

It’s a common practice these days to include social media accounts to various sites, including YouTube. This is one of the effective ways to make a connection with other people with the same interest as you. Even if you don’t have the same likes, you can still communicate with them through other connections.

By including your social media links to your YouTube channel, you’re growing your audience in a way that’s easier and fun to do.

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