How To Add Twitter Follow Button On Your Website

Twitter does not need any introduction as we are all acquainted with the trend since this is one of the most popular social networking sites. Everyone knows that the main purpose of Twitter is to follow others to be updated of their activities, statuses, or simply to have a conversation.

To follow an individual or an account on Twitter, you need to login to your Twitter account and later find them to add them to your following list. It is a quite complicated task and could be troubling especially when you have to do it over and over again. The users may become bored to manually look for your account; so to help you in this situation, the ‘Follow Button’ was created. It is a small badge that you can put on your website to integrate your Twitter account that when clicked, the user will be directly added to your followers (only if they are logged in, otherwise they still have to enter their login details before they can follow someone/ some pages). The tutorial below will show how it is done.


First, you need to complete these steps on your Twitter account

  1. Let’s say you are already logged in, go to the following link:
  2. Once the page loads, you will see several options. You can customize them based on your preferences:
    1. Share a link
    2. Follow
    3. Hashtag
    4. Mention
  3. Click on the ‘Follow’ option. At the bottom-right corner, a code will appear. You need to copy and paste that code into the HTML field of your website in order for the button to be seen when the site is visited.

You can change the size and functionality along with the appearance of the button; they can all be customized with the variation of the code. Given below are several codes that will help you to modify the follow button.

If you want the word count to be displayed, use this code:

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