Adding Or Attaching An Image To Your Tweet

Twitter, contrary to what people may believe, is not just for text tweets. You can also attach media like images to accompany your tweet. There are many different ways on how to attach an image to your tweet.

Attaching via Twitter

You can simply attach an image from your computer to Twitter by following these steps:

  1. First, create a tweet. Don’t send or post it yet.
  2. Cr8Twit

  3. On the bottom of your tweet box, there should be a camera icon. Click on it.
  4. CamerPicTwit

  5. Browse your computer for the picture that you want to attach to your tweet.
  6. Hit the Tweet button and your image should appear in a while when the tweet is posted. It may take time because the image is being uploaded.
  7. TweetPicTwit

Attaching via TwitPic

TwitPic is one of Twitter’s top photo-sharing sites that you can easily use. To post pics via TwitPic, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to and log in or register.
  2. TwitPicTwit

  3. You will be prompted to enter your Twitter username and password, as well as to authorize TwitPic to access your account. Just click Sign In.
  4. AuthorizedTwitPic

  5. You will be taken to TwitPic’s page. Click ‘Upload Photo or Video’.
  6. UploadTwitPic

  7. Simply upload a photo or video, enter the description (limited characters like on Twitter) and click Upload.
  8. UploadTwitPic2

  9. You’ll see your image uploaded on TwitPic, which is shared to your Twitter timeline as well.
  10. UploadedTwitPic

Note: Sometimes, desktop applications like TweetDeck and twhirl automatically upload your images to TwitPic, so that you’ll no longer need to go to the website to upload it.

Attaching via phone

The process of attaching an image via phone is quite similar to attaching it via desktop (Twitter), and it depends on what phone you are using (iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.), but the steps are relatively similar.

Using a direct link or URL

You can also use a direct link or URL of an image to attach it to your tweet. Simply follow these steps:

  1. On your address bar, copy the URL of the image.
  2. CopyUrlTwitPic

  3. Next, create a tweet and paste the URL. It will be shortened when you post it so don’t worry.
  4. LinkTweetTwit

  5. When you post the tweet, the image should appear.
  6. Note: when you post a link from a site like Tumblr, Instagram, deviantART, flickr, or many other sites that involves image posting, they will also appear in your media grid and in your tweet as a photo.


Attaching or adding an image to your tweet is a helpful way to express and explain your tweets, to show proof that your information is authentic. If you have friends who are new to Twitter, share this tutorial with them so that they, too, can be able to post images on the site.

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