Adding New Members To A Facebook Group

The Facebook group feature is a great way to let users with common interests, locales or ideas interact in the social network. It’s a close-knit network within the larger website that allows members to share more relevant information to each other. Here’s an easy tutorial on how you can add members to a Facebook group.


  1. Access your group by clicking its name located at the left panel of your homepage.
  2. Type in the name of the contact at the Add People to Group field. This can be found at the right portion of the group page, just below the Notifications tab. As you type, Facebook will show a list of Facebook friends that match your entry. Simply click the name of the friend.
  3. You may also invite friends by email. To do this, type the email address of the friend you want to invite in the Invite People to Group by Email then click Invite.

Things you need to know:

  1. Members can add their friends in all types of group privacy levels- secret, open, and closed.
  2. You can only add users you’re friends with on Facebook for regular Facebook groups.
  3. Members can add any user who is an approved member of the school group. This is applicable to groups within school groups. As a result, anyone at your school can be involved in a group without having the need to become Facebook friends first.
  4. When you invite a friend to a group, they join the group immediately (once approved by the group admin) without having to accept the invite.
  5. A group admin may choose to limit who gets added to your group. This means you can add friends to your group, but those friends need to be approved by admins before becoming members.
  6. Once a member leaves a group, you can’t re-invite him to the group unless he or she explicitly requests to be re-added.

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