How to Add a New Page on WordPress

Keeping your website organized and clutter-free is one of the few use cases for Pages. Besides the default pages included when the website was turned over to you, you can easily add a new page on WordPress without spending more. Pages add flexibility and allow your website to be more tailor-fitted to what you need. Should you need another page where you talk about your business history or even a sales landing page to encourage conversion, these are some of the potentials you can grasp with Pages.

To add a page, go to your WP-Admin and hover over the Pages option in the navigation on the right. A sub-menu will appear. Select the Add New and you will be directed to the Add New Page form on WordPress. Here, you will find different fields you can accomplish. There’s a space for the Page Title and Text Body. Ensure that you are writing with a Visual view so you can see the front-end of the content.

Click “Pages” from the dashboard’s left navigation > select “Menus” then follow below:

add a new page wordpress

Feel free to write your content in the field assigned for the text body. You may utilize the formatting functions included in the Text Editor Toolbar. Here, you can add Headings, Subtitle, and other visual text formats. Once the content is completed, you can also add photos, files, and other media files depending on your intent. If you are well-versed in using HTML codes, you can also switch the Visual view to the Text view.

Below, you can also select a Featured Image that goes on top of the page and also shows up in search engines. Edit the URL slug as well for easy linking and optimization purposes. Remember to save the page as a draft then take a look at its preview to ensure that everything’s perfect the way you want it to be. Make necessary edits if needed but once good to go, you may click Publish to go live.

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