8 anonymous e-mail services you can try

Not only do we meet e-mail services that ask for our e-mail address to log in and out, but social networks and other subscription/membership sites do also. Moreover, since the Internet is more dominated now by millions of users every day, website owners would try to aim virtually as many prospects as possible, and sadly, that include you.

It should be fine actually, because they seem to offer some services, information, and even free items with you, but through e-mail. However, as much as we control the number of sites we’re being members of, chances are we cannot control how other sites would handle our sensitive information such as the e-mail address alone. This, then, turns out to be a flood of spams and even suspicious scams falling on our digital inboxes.

Thankfully, there are many teams and smart guys who’ve thought of pruning down these unwanted subscriptions and mails. There’re many services out there, actually, to help us out, but one thing so particular to help our e-mail addresses maintain their rightful privacy and integrity is with the use of anonymous e-mails.

Listed below are some known online services where you can easily subscribe for an anonymous e-mail service.

1. Hide My Ass


One thing very popular about Hide My Ass is their awesome proxy server provisions, not to mention their reputed privacy tools as well. They offer a lot of tools for people to use for free, which include a chrome extension for switching to another proxy server for a more secure and anonymous browsing. Luckily, they also offer an anonymous e-mail service wherein you register using your real e-mail address, and you’re given an anonymous e-mail address that you can simply wipe out easily. Moreover, you can set the incoming e-mails to self-destruct after a set time, and even receive notifications for each e-mail the fake address will receive.

2. Send E-mail Message


Still thinking of a good e-mail address? Or do you hate using your real e-mail address? Is your e-mail address banned or blacklisted or temporarily unavailable? This online e-mail service gives you the chance to send a text-only e-mail to anybody without even asking for your real e-mail address (if you have) in any of the fields. All you need is the recipient’s e-mail address, a subject, a minimum-of-10-characters body, and a pair of good eyes to transcribe the CAPTCHA before you send it.
However, there are some cases wherein a valid e-mail address is recognized by the service as inexistent. Try your luck!

3. Anonymouse


Much like Hide My Ass, Anonymouse’s main goal is to give people a more private browsing experience, but without any proxy servers or IP-concealing tactics. Thankfully also, they offer a free anonymous e-mail service that only requires your recipient’s e-mail address and of course your message. You only get one trick here: the message sent is actually ‘randomly’ delayed for around 12 hours, hence this should not be an answer if you’re waiting for a quick response.

4. Send Anonymous Email


Just a simple alternative, this straightforward site works much like #2 and #3 in this list, but with a little twist: it will scare you off from doing something illegal by displaying your IP address and other warning notices.

5. Mailinator


Do you simply want an inbox, and just that? Mailinator offers you a free ‘inboxing’ service wherein you create an e-mail address that can sound as weird as you’d like (as long as you can remember. Example: tootsie@toothie.com); no signups, no other information required. Give away that address to anyone. That inbox will only activate when an e-mail arrives. However, if you’re planning or expecting to receive e-mails with sensitive information, then Mailinitor is not your choice: anyone who remembers that weird e-mail address can open the inbox. At least, though, it’s best for avoiding spams.

6. MaskMe


Probably the most featured of all the items in this list, MaskMe offers both a free service and a paid service wherein, of course, the range of features depend. For starters, you enjoy two distinct features: a masked, disposable e-mail, and a password generator, both of which are best when signing up to websites you don’t trust yet. For paid users, you get extra powerful features like creating dummy credit card info to mask your real credit card details, and even a dummy phone number to conceal the real one.
MaskMe works more as a plugin for your browser, and the use is pretty easy and straightforward. You don’t have to create a dummy e-mail address before you proceed with a website; you can ask MaskMe to create one for you on the spot by simply clicking on the proper text field. You don’t have to remember the generated e-mail also since you can easily access them when you log-in to MaskMe. E-mails can be deleted anytime (hence disposable), and every incoming e-mail will stay for like only 4hours and will also notify you on your real e-mail address.

7. Guerilla Mail


Another online service that gives you disposable and anonymous e-mail addresses, the site also allows you to compose messages and even support attachments. Checking the inbox is also a breeze that the container automatically refreshes in a 10-second interval. Together with the service, Guerilla Mail also features a Password Manager wherein you only need to remember a master password and the next sites that require a new password will have a unique one each and every time.

8. 5ymail


Want a more customized e-mail message plus the power of attachment? Try 5ymail. 5ymail allows you to send anonymous e-mails, however, will also require you of your real e-mail address for replies and notifications. Moreover, you also enjoy a simple tracking feature wherein you’ll get informed when the e-mail is read, while still remaining anonymous. Note, though, that not all of these features are available for free; trying the free service may load some ads along with the mail itself.

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