how-to: approve comments in wordpress

As a WordPress blogger or website owner, it’s really a wonderful feeling to find people commenting on your page.

If you’re new in WordPress, you might wonder why until now you don’t see any comment being displayed on your website.

This can cause anxiety and even frustration.

After all, we all want to see our post making an impression to readers to the point that they make a comment, right?

The truth is, there are people who might have already made a comment on your website but you haven’t approved them yet.

In this post, I’ll share with you a comprehensive tutorial with photos to show you how to approve comments in WordPress.

Approving Comments on WordPress

  1. Click the “Comments” from the left menu. Click the comments from the left menu
  2. Now you should see your a list of your comments. Hover your mouse on the comment you want to approve, then click the “Approve” link. Approve Comments
  3. Voila!

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