10 Best Apps for Team Task Management & Project Management

In the face of the pandemic, businesses had to continue their operations virtually. While it made our employees feel safer from the virus, all the tasks such as team management became challenging, especially when you don’t see your team in person. But that’s why team task management and project management apps have been innovating. These platforms aim to provide an efficient to get the business running despite the challenges brought by the pandemic.

There’s been a significant increase in apps for team task management and project management. To help you narrow down, we have listed 10 of the best platform for team task management and project management.  So, you don’t have to miss those important deadlines without tired-looking eyes.

10 Best Apps for Team Task Management & Project Management

1. nTask

team task and project management platformWhat makes nTask different from other project management software it aims for you to work smarter and faster, not just harder. With this platform, you’d never know that managing tasks and projects could have been much easier. nTask is ideal for SMEs, Enterprises, Solopreneurs, Startups, Agile Teams, Remote Teams, Engineering Teams, Development Teams, Marketing Agencies, and Freelancers. And the best part? It offers a free version! Now, collaborating, managing, checking, and all other regular tasks can be automated, making it easier for you. In addition to that nTask is offering Kanban boards, issue tracking, timesheets, project planning, risk management and more. 

2. Mavelink

apps for team task management and project managementMavelink is a software company that provides cloud solutions for professional services. This app covers a wide range of tasks and project management features such as a powerful operational management system, business intelligence and integration, and optimization. It also offers automation of team workflow for optimizing resources and elevating the operational performance of a business. They provide users with a resource first structure that allows businesses in fielding the team, monitor real-time updates of progress versus timelines and budgets. This way, they help the business projects run seamlessly and profitable, the way they predicted it.

Mavelink is ideal for professional services businesses such as marketing, advertising, engineering, IT services, management consultancy, technology, and software services.

3. Asana

user friendly team management appAnother powerful app that keeps the project going is Asana. What made Asana an excellent app for project management is how they have a simple, intuitive interface that everyone can be familiar with in a short amount of time. With their wide range of features including such as visual boards, calendars, dashboards,  custom fields, project briefs, overviews, and more. With all the features Asana provides, working with others couldn’t have been easier. Allowing a team to stay in sync, reach their goals within their deadline, making it easier for a team to focus on tasks they currently working at hand. They are perfect for all sizes of teams in different kinds of industries.

4. MeisterTask

team task managementMesiterTask is the most intuitive online app for team task management and project management. It is a user-friendly app that allows collaboration using management tools on the web. Your team can work with flexibility with the integrated solutions they offer such as project boards that can seamlessly adapt the workflow of your team. It also features smart automation so your can work smartly and efficiently. MesiterTask is ideal for teams with agile projects as it can facilitate all workflows – be it from simple project boards, software sprints or Kanban systems and more.

5. Wrike

team management and project management

Wrike is a cloud-based platform ideal for mid-sized to enterprise types of businesses. With this app, you can get full visibility and control over the tasks and projects your team is working on. It is a reliable tool for work management, collaboration, project management software, and more. It’s so dependable that Airbnb and Verizon use this app for its cross-functional and streamlined processes. The teams using Wrike has the versatility they need to connect to the entire organization, brainstorm ideas, and ultimately, achieve their best performance in a shared workspace.

5. GanttPRO

apps for team task managementGanttPRO is a simple and intuitive web-based software that will make your project management seamless and comprehensive. Because of its feature-packed nature, you can stop jumping to different apps just to keep updated. Work-life is all about to-dos and you don’t want to become confused and lost during a project. By providing a complete suite of task management, both your single tasks and daily team tasks can be much more manageable. Project managers have the power to create and assign tasks, monitor progress, and perform tasks dependencies and milestones using the project planning tool this software offers. 

GanttPro is a perfect fit for single users, teams of different industries, project managers, marketing agencies/companies, manufacturing, retail, event planning, and more.

6. ClickUp

apps for team tasks and projects

Click Up is one of the most powerful yet simple apps for team task management. It offers a. future-ready interface that allows team members to work with their own tasks, docs, goals, and more. It pretty much lands on a category of “one app replacing all”. This app is fully and rich in customization options. Its versatility allows deep modularity through “ClickApps, a section of add-ons within the app allowing managers and members to personalize. It has countless features but with an intuitive interface, getting lost is pretty much unlikely.

7. Workfront

team task and project managementWorkFront is an online team task and project management software that aims to make your daily work life much more manageable. By providing a complete suite of task management, this app allows users to focus and lives up to clarity so you can be less confused on what to work on first. It adapts to the fast-paced global teams with its features allowing timeline planning, project prioritization, proofing of content, planning, management, and more. WorkFront is tailored to fit all teams regardless of scale.  

8. BigTime

team task management app

BigTime is an online time and billing software ideal for professional service firms including accounting, architecture, engineering, consulting, legal, IT and more. In a single software, you can take advantage of WIP management, invoicing, expense tracking, workflow management, and more. These features are user-friendly and can run on all mobile devices and desktops. This feature-packed application keeps tabs so you can maintain the productivity throughout your project. 

9. ProjectManager.com

project manager app

As their brand suggests, ProjectManager.com is ideal for ambitious individuals and teams. It serves as a central hub where a team can collaborate, plan, and achieve amazing things together. This softeware offers flexible project views, ending the long debate for agile vs waterfall concept of methodology. Instead, this app promotes perfect collaboration among its users. It features drag-and-drop cards, enabling simple planned workflows. And it only gets better, because ProjectManager.com is powerd by Kanban boards which allows multiple producitvity related tasks such as assigning tasks due dates, and more. To simply put, this app will make sure that your precious time is paid to its equivalent.

10. Miro

whiteboard apps for team task managementMiro is another app that can track, prioritize, and aids you in reminding your tasks. The application promotes cross-functional teams to efficiently work together by offering 50 pre-amde templates to help in visualizing ideas, maximizing interactive tools such as comments, screen sharing and more. Because of its simple interface, creating tasks with different prioritization is much easier. Whenever you feel you’re not up to the task, With its whiteboard and remote collaboration tool, it is the the perfect app for software companies such as UX/UI designers, product owners/managers, graphics, web design services, mareketing, advertising, agencies and more. 

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