How To Archive A Conversation On Facebook

Is your inbox full of messages that you want to get rid off but you simply can’t delete? Facebook lets you declutter messages without the risk of losing them permanently through archiving. When you archive a conversation on Facebook, the message will be hidden from your messages view allowing you to easily access your most important messages. Follow these simple steps about archiving a conversation on Facebook.


  1. Go to your Inbox by clicking Messages on the left tab of your homepage.
  2. FBMessages

  3. Look for the message you want to archive and click X to it.
  4. ArchieveFB

  5. You may also click the message to open it. Click Actions, then choose Archive from the dropdown menu.
  6. AArchieveFB

Things you need to know:

  1. You may still view archived messages. To do this, access your Messages. Click More found beside Other Folder. Choose Archived to view archived conversation.
  2. The message will reappear in your inbox if the same person sends you a message.
  3. To permanently remove a message in your inbox, you have the option to delete it.

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