5 awesome archive plugins for wordpress sites

The archive widget will not only help your readers to catch-up on the posts they missed from the past few days, weeks, months, or even years, using this feature can also help improve your bounce rate.

So it’s as important as your recent post widget.

So I’d like to give you a quick list of WordPress Archive plugins together with their brief description.

This way, it’ll be easier for you to look for Archive plugins with the least hassle and inconvenience.

So let’s take a look now on the top plugins for archive widget and see which one will perfectly work for you!

Archive WordPress Plugins

5 Archive WordPress Plugins

1. Genesis Widgetized Archive


This plugin allows you to change the appearance of your archive widget with the least effort.

In addition to this, the Genesis Widgetized Archive is generally lightweight and small in byte size.

So you can expect that it will not significantly affect your website’s loading time. You don’t have to worry about multilingual websites as well since this plugin can support various languages.

2. Clean My Archives


What if you had a very long list of archives and you want to make it more compact and attractive? Clean My Archives can do that for you.

It’s a user-friendly shortcode for archives that include many years of posts.

Furthermore, the plugin can easily work with WordPress caching plugins. Thus, your archive will only display some links of your archived posts and not all of them so that your archive page will not look so cramped and crowded.

3. Compact Archives


While it’s true that the default WordPress Archive widget is really wonderful and impressive, it works better for starting and fresh WP websites and not for established websites.

As time goes on, more and more posts are put in a website making the Archive widget look incredibly long. However, all these can change through the use of Compact Archives.

4. JQuery Archive List Widget


This plugin uses JQuery to create a collapsible archive list. Through this plugin, you’ll be able to reduce the space used by your archive widget.

Plus, using jQuery format will help your Archive widget to be compatible with most browsers used today.

There are a lot of ways to customize this plugin so you have a wide range of freedom when it comes to modifying your Archive widget.

5. Smart Archives Reloaded


The best thing about this plugin is that you can choose from one or more formats of archive widget. The widget can easily group your archived posts by month or year. You can also use the integrated navigation elements found within the plugin.

Final words

So if you think your Archive widget needs an extreme make-over, try one or more of these plugins and see how it will improve your website’s performance!

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