30+ attractive food and restaurant sites web designs

Owners of a food/restaurant website know that they must use a beautiful theme to attract more and more customers.

If you’re planning to put up a site like this, you must use an elegant layout with beautiful images. To know more about how a food/restaurant website must be like, take a look at this fresh list. It includes colorful layouts, beautiful photos and elegant typography.

1. Wedding And Bespoke Cakes Oxfordshire


This site features a beautiful image of a crafted cake. All cakes are presented to make you desire for them, regardless of whether or not they’re really good.

2. Geogeske


Its home page introduces immediately of what this site is all about. The website offers balanced flow that gives you an idea that this is a restaurant that you got to try.

3. Food Sense


This website design does what it’s supposed do, i.e. to evoke excitement about its recipes.

4. Red Hat Ranch


It’s a very cute and uplifting site. There are tons of colors and graphics involved with beautiful images that’ll get you really interested in their products.

5. Dilly Deli Tulsa


It’s another great-looking web design, which is common to food and restaurant websites. The site focuses on the food that the Dilly’s serving.

6. La Maddalena


This site has figured out how to make the restaurant’s menu look immaculate. All of its images are absolutely delicious.

7. Desert Chill


The site makes ice cream look more exciting and interesting. You’ll surely want to go to UAE to try one of its products.

8. Minne’s Diner


The choice of color enhances the mood when you visit the site. It uses the color that has been pulled from the food so everything is tied together in a nice manner.

9. Flo’s


You’re going to love this site because of its simplicity. Its images can truly capture your attention. The site’s developer really knows what he/se is doing to make its services look fabulous.

10. Chipotle Mexican Grill


Chipotle’s site puts a modern spin on Mexican food. Its web design offers attractive looks and creative concept.

11. Marie Catribs


Its convincing menu and food items make you want to go to its restaurant in Michigan. This site is driven by simple navigation.

12. Tacos And Co


It uses an awesome layout to help you narrow down the company’s food items. The home page immediately provides you of what this restaurant is offering.

13. Otto Pizzeria


Just by visiting its site, you know right off the bat that the company is offering different types of pizza. Plus, the site is easy to navigate. It’s the simplicity that makes it amazing.

14. TGI Fridays


The site is straight to the point. But it does provide great images and easy navigation. All in all, it’s just a great layout. Well-done.

15. La Banquise


The site’s language is in French but it’s not difficult to understand that the company’s main food is poutine. It’s a dish of French fries. The difference between regular fries is that it’s topped with gravy.

16. Joe Crab Shack


It’s your home for crabs. The site’s web design is simple, which really works for their food and other offerings.

17. Jackastor


Even though it loads very slowly, it’s worth the wait. It’s a clean and bright design, which is perfect for the company’s food services.

18. Ruby Tuesday


The services of the company are provided on the main page making visitors well-informed while browsing the entire page.

19. The Bunker


It’s a one-page website to keep it all as simple as possible. The main goal of the site is to make its visitors aware of the company. And they did it well.

20. Sweet Leaf Iced Teas


The overall design offers stability, reliability, freshness, and freedom. With the right colors used, you’ll be compelled to know more about what Sweet Leaf Iced teas are.

21. Bel 50


It has very unique concept. The waffle sandwiches are presented in a way that you’d surely want for more of them.

22. Garl and Jacks


This is another unique web design that offers its visitors a game. Clicking an image will load information about a particular sauce. It’s a pretty neat idea.

23. Mochiko


It uses high-quality images that make you click on them to find out more. They make the entire site more attractive.

24. Outdoor Cooking


Its products are briefly described to be appreciated by viewers. The site utilizes good pictures that can say a thousand words.

25. Luksusowa


Okay, you’ll have to be on your legal drinking age to visit the site. And once you’re in there, you’re going to love it.

26. Vital Foods


It chose green as a dominant color, which is appropriate for its products – local, organic foods. It doesn’t have excessive styling fonts and page layouts. And that’s a great thing.

27. East African Bakery


It uses photos that’ll make your mouth water. Just by looking at it, you want to drive and take a trip just to grab a tibsi


28. Tap Handles


It showcases some of its best-selling beers. The entire web design offers warmth and comfort.

29. The Fresh Press


It offers cool features with some beautiful images of their juices. It’s full of functionalities that’ll make you stay longer.

30. Wicked Palate


This food track business offers inviting images on its website to display its latest products. It displays wicked charm that does a great job to attract more customers.

31. Red Robin


With its images presented on its main page, who wouldn’t want to go to Red Robin and try some of its food items?

32. KFC


It’s packed with great images of KFC products. The entire site says it all – welcome to the site’s most delicious fried chicken.

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