7 cool author box wordpress plugins you can use for your blog

Part of promoting your website is introducing yourself and there is no better way to do this than to use author box. Thankfully, WordPress allows its users to add author box as a plugin. So to start the year 2014 right, check out the new WordPress author box plugin made available today!

7 Free AuthorBox Plugins For Your WordPress Site

1. WP About Author


With this plugin, you can easily add author box at the bottom of your page. You can customize the border just by choosing one of the three border styles available. You can change the background color, determine when the author bio will appear, and display icons of social networking sites for readers to easily follow you.

2. Starbox


Now that your reader enjoys your content, they want to follow you all through the way, but here’s the problem; they cannot find the information about you. To avoid this problem, you must use an author box such as the plugin brought to you by Starbox. The good thing about Starbox is it is very easy to install and you don’t need any coding knowledge or expertise to set it up. In just a matter of minutes, you’re ready to go and you can see your Author Box immediately.

3. Author Box After Posts


This plugin will automatically add an author box after each of your posts. You can add at least 10 social media icons and it’s compatible with WordPress SEO by Yoast and WordPress 3.8.

4. Author hReview


Author hReview makes your blog site to be on top of the blogosphere. Since the author box will help you increase readership and traffic, you will eventually end up in the highest rank of search engine return page (SERP). You can connect your content through social networking sites which include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Company, Company URL, and Job title.

5. Author Bio Box


This plugin will allow you to display a box at the bottom of your content. The box will be the place where your biography and information will be displayed. You need WordPress 3.8 at the very least to use this plugin.

6. WP Biographia


The WP Biographia adds an author box to almost every post you make such as your page, RSS feed, archive, and landing page. You can choose when your author bio will appear, whether it should be in your post, page, or custom post type.

The author bio can also be expanded to include Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber, and many others. You can even add Contact Info links as an icon or text link.

Another good thing WP Biography is that you can change its position and not just limited to being placed at the bottom of the page. The biography box’s size can be reduced so that it’ll not consume too much space at the side bar.

In short, WP Biography is highly customizable and it can be tailored according to your needs and preference.

7. Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup


The Fancier Author is definitely one of the plugins that will help you gather more engagement from your audience. You can choose the position where you can display your Author Box such as above, below, or even both of the these positions. You can also indicate when your author box will appear. The Bio uses Gravatar image and adds social media icons such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can change the color of your author box as well.

Hope you enjoy these cool author bio plugins for your WordPress site. Find out and see which of them will fit your preference. Each of them is unique and therefore presents its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to weigh each side of the coin.

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