17 awesome grunge photoshop brushes free download

Grunge is a very stylish design that never fades. It’s less structured but it’s offered with more organic feel. This kind of style is inspired by industrial architecture that gives designers a way to experiment outside those flashy and glossy elements that somehow dominate the mainstream web design.

Thanks to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, grunge is here to stay. If you want to make your own design to have that grungy feel and look, then you shouldn’t jump immediately for bright or bold colors. Instead, you need to make sure that the colors match the overall design.

Most of the time, designers utilize elements that could give their design a dirty feel. The most common elements will include dirty stains, drips, sprays, torn images and creased pieces of paper. Some designers also mimic real form sans digital glossiness.

In Photoshop, one of the tools that can make your design to have that grungy look and feel is the use of a brush. In this collection, you’ll find 17 Photoshop brushes that will give your design a dirty-looking yet stylish work of art.

1. 15 Weathered Wood Photoshop Brushes


This set is created by Nathan Brown. Each brush is of high-resolution at 2500 pixels by 2500 pixels. They’re perfect if you want to obtain eye-catching color effects to your own design.

2. 9 Brushes for CS2

The whole set is free to download but there are rules you must follow. First, you’ve to credit the author and send him a link to your work.

3. Grunge #2


The set includes 5 brushes designed by titimontoya.

4. Destroyed Heraldry


These high-resolution Photoshop brushes are created by Jay Hilgert. He used different types of media and multiple layering effects to produce awesome results.

5. Grungy Textures with Rocky Cracks


This is another batch of giveaways from Jay Hilgert. In this set, you’ll find 12 brushes and each of them are in 2500 pixels. They can be used in CS3 and CS1.

6. Dumpster Grunge Brushes


It’s a set of 8 Photoshop brushes. The creator used old dumpsters photos to produce the effects. These brushes can be applied for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

7. Rusty Grunge 2


Designed by Mavido, this set includes 37 brushes. They all offer striking effects if you applied them properly.

8. 42 Subtle Grunge Textured Photoshop Brushes


If you’re a fan of subtle brushes with grungy look and feel, then you’ll surely love this set. These brushes offer realistic textures through multiple layers.

9. 12 Grunge Brushes


The entire set was made by the people of Digital Revolutions. The whole pack includes 12 high-resolution brushes that can surely spice up your designs.

10. Antique Labels I


It’s made of 9 large Photoshop brushes created using antique bottle labels. Cool, aren’t they?

11. Qbrushes


This set has 5 high-resolution brushes in 2000 pixels. The designer wants you to use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

12. .Grunged.1.


The pack includes 13 big brushes that you can use with PS7 and latest versions.

13. Anodyne Cracked Brushes


Do you want more cracks to your grungy web design? Then, this entire set could offer you that old decayed look.

14. Sidewalk Series Vol 2


Are you looking for a grungy design with old stains? This brush set can help you out. Before you can download this free package, you must have to register with room122.com first. Don’t worry. It’s free.

15. Stressed Out


How about some distressed letters to your artwork? Yes? Then, download this set made by the folks from pixelsandicecream.com.

16. Dirty Brushes


These unique 13 brushes will surely add value to your work.

17. 5x Dirt Brushes


These amazing brushes are in high-resolution, about 1900 pixels.

This entire collection of Photoshop brushes are something new and could surely excite you to produce more grungy designs for your next projects.

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