10+ Best B2B Website Design Examples & Inspirations

Having a successful B2B business also means you fit the bill — you have an outstanding solution that resolves common or specialized business hiccups but also a budget-friendly cost they can invest in in the long run. With this in mind, having an outstanding professional B2B website is a perfect way to capture their interest and give them more background on how your solutions can help them. Here, we put together 10+ Best B2B Website Design Examples & Inspirations you can check out.

10+ Best B2B Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. We Work

We Work dazes us with their no-fail modern design on white. This showcases the narrative of bringing colour through coworking spaces which were emphasized through the use of a warm-lit, colourful photo of the environment the audience aspires to have. Moreover, they also have an assigned search button to geo-target areas depending on the visitor’s location. With one click, on the call-to-action button, their library will bring you top choices to explore.

2. Bento Box

With a straight-to-the-point copy, Bento Box makes it clear who their market is. They easily showcased what they have to offer with a snapshot of the solutions they’re offering. Besides this, you can also easily request a demo with a few clicks. A designation space for your email is available — just type in and send. Without scrolling further, it’s highly converting and perfect for busy people who just skim.

3. Spare Foot

Quite eccentric but charming, Spare Foot can be one of the unconventional B2B website design examples. The use of white with yellow and black sure keeps our minds as alert as possible and able to take in more information. Furthermore, they have a search bar that’s suggestive depending on what their target audience might be looking for. Intuitive, the use of simple lineart graphics easily signals readers what they are looking for.

4. Zoom

Surprising? Might be but Zoom earned this spot because of their professional B2B website that’s aligned with their branding and also, impressively highly converting. They stay true to their narrative of connecting people virtually by inserting images that fit the message. Also, their copies are all succinct with call-to-action buttons complementing each. — nudging action.

5. Moo

It’s always showtime with Moo. They add muted colours to add a refreshing vibe into the mix of professionalism and modern design. As a creative agency, they artfully crafted their captions which establishes their potential for artists and non-artists. They also added statistics and a quick overview of how they run the business. Furthermore, this is complemented by social ratings and brand love from other clients.

6. Acme

ACME knows best how to keep it professional and aligned to its brand. They crafted an immersive website experience that gives the audience a sense of what they deliver and what it really means to work with them. Moreover, the photos of the brand all over the years are also helpful in creating a grounded story that just communicates authority.

7. Blake EnvelOPES

Another one of the best B2B website design examples to take inspiration from, Blake Envelopes embraced creativity and does it so well that it feels genuine. Their use of multiple colours continued to keep the attention of the reader on the page — where they communicate what they do. Focusing effort on communicating how high-quality their services are, surely it’s not a surprise that they get to close more deals on autopilot through the shop they setup.

8. Aiia

Aiia may have kept the whole layout simple but they went extra with the product photos. They implemented aesthetic shots that highlighted how vibrant their products are. In reality, once you land on their website, you’ll for sure focus on what they’re offering before actually reading what they have written. This leads to more impulsive purchases that are driven by great product quality and strategic website design.

9. Blue Ridge Global

With a flat website design, Blue Ridge Global is professional and modern. They focus on communicating what they offer to their clients — preparing well-written copy and bullets. Furthermore, there are also call-to-action buttons that included driving positive traffic according to their objectives.

10. Help Scout

With graphics, Help Scout was able to showcase the solution they offer in real-life — driving conversations. In line with this, they also strategically put call-to-action buttons which encourage their target market to tap in for a live demo or to try for free. Besides this, they also prepared a list of partners they worked with in the past which positively establishes their reputation.

  • website: https://www.helpscout.com/


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