10 Sets Of Beautiful And Astounding Seascape And Landscape Photography

Photography is no joke – it is an art for some people who enjoy the passion of clicking their DSLRs, travelling to various places around the globe and capturing the greatest moments of their lives and of other people’s lives. To be a photographer might be either a hobby or a profession, but nonetheless, it is quality and passion that counts.

List of beautiful and astounding seascape and landscape photography

Without further do, here are some websites with astounding seascape and landscape photography:


This has an excellent set of sunset pictures, mostly taken in the beach. All the sunsets have their unique interpretations and styles and it also has seascapes and such. So if you are mostly into sunset pictures, then their collection is the one to go to.

Patrick Smith

He has a lot of professional and stunning sunset scenes and seascapes as well. They are all mostly taken in different locations and taken with vibrant colors. The lighting of the water elements and the sky elements line up very well. They all create a harmonious set of awesome photography.

Kieran O’Connor Photography

This photography set also has a lot of interesting and breathtaking things in it. The grass plains are beautiful and so are the seascapes with the skies. His lighting techniques are also quite interesting.

Paulo Flop

His photography is mostly of seascape but each of them has unique objects of interest that make up a great picture. The forest pictures are also cool other than the seascapes, having a mysterious and gloomy theme that makes you feel like you’re in the place yourself.

Wesley Law

This photographer is more on lighting effects from the sky and more on rocky beaches and landscapes. Nonetheless, his works are also breathtaking, especially the camera angles.

Brian Kerr

This photographer is also more on camera angles and lighting with his sunset pictures. They are mostly in a calm mood and atmosphere and are also quite breathtaking.

Alonso Diaz

His images are mostly sharp but nonetheless professional. They have vibrant colors and super-detailed elements. They are also mostly rocky beaches.

Derek Smyth

This is yet another professional photography set that has more than just landscapes and seascapes, but also miscellaneous extras with the pictures like flowers and miscellaneous objects.

Jamie Paterson

The photography here is quite stunning and breathtaking too, especially the stars one. The ocean and cloud patterns are all very crisp and vivid, and each photo stands out on its own uniqueness.

Chip Philips

Here is a bunch of stunning landscape and seascape shots with unique details of the land pieces and ocean patterns. The photos have either misty or ‘distant’ effect, which makes it more breathtaking.


Photography isn’t all that difficult, whether you have a DSLR camera or not. What is more important in photography is the concept, the beauty of the place, and your efforts into making it a great and astounding photo.

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