5 Beautiful And Stimulating Infographic Designs

Information graphics are powerful ways to present your message to the Internet users. But you can’t just use any image that you want. Instead, you must make sure that they’re designed correctly. They mustn’t only informative but they must also be interesting. However, you shouldn’t overwhelm your audience so as to avoid them navigating away from your presentation.

When creating infographics, you’ll have to make them as interesting as the data. But you should also leave a small percentage hanging. In this way, your visitors will be more intrigued and will likely to browse the information you’ve provided them. However, you’ll also have to make sure that the graphics aren’t only wonderfully-designed but they must also obey the laws of statistics. This is to avoid embarrassing yourself or confusing your audience. You should also make sure that the color schemes and fonts you’ll use make sense.

Remember that the goal of infographics is to increase the likelihood of your presentation to be shared. Thus, they must be aesthetically pleasing and the data can be easily understood.

If you’re not sure how to design your own infographics, then here’s a list of the best information graphics online. They’re not only visually appealing but they also provide great knowledge and useful details.

1. Disney VS Marvel by Curseofthemoon


It clearly shows the main differences between Walt Disney and Marvel, although the latter already bought the former. The designer has a great data to offer and put them all in a beautiful design. It didn’t use pie charts or bar graphs. It sticks to plain text. Even though the design is too colorful, the pieces of information that the author wants to tell the readers have been provided effectively. By comparing the details of both companies, the author divides them into two separate infographics making the information more digestible.

2. Relief Wells & Subsea Containment


This is a good example of how infographics don’t have to be difficult to create. The image may not be that simple but the message is clear, instead of confusing its audience. It utilizes graphic information, rather than overusing text. The author’s point has been given easily. One can clearly say that the designer has good design skills as the data have been generated through infographics. The designer didn’t get carried away with the graphics. Rather, the design came out more helpful than overwhelming.

3. Genes And Society: Cloning


If you want to learn the difference between research cloning and reproductive cloning, then this infographic can help you out. It distinguishes the two topics. In here, you can see several images that make it attractive. This will entice you more and give you information that you can easily digest through the graphics. From the images, you can then move to the textual information. Simply put, the details provided are instantly understood through pictures and words.

4. Infographic Resume By Chen Zhi Lian of Singapore


Yes, it’s a resume that you can’t follow or imitate, unless your employer wants you to. But it’s undeniably beautiful and very creative. The infographic isn’t that difficult to sort through. Your eyes don’t have to dart all over the place just to understand what the information is all about. The information and the colors are well combined. The main goal of this infographic is to rate the author’s own skills set, likes and education experience. Notice how he picked images for his likes? They’re entertaining and easy to understand that even an elementary school student can get the whole idea.

5. Doctor Who by Sam Gibley


Sam created this infographic for the 50th anniversary of the popular TV show, Doctor Who. It’s a quick read providing you useful information about the history of the main characters. It also includes interesting trivia about the show. What would take several paragraphs or pages to write down the history and characters of this show were condensed into one helpful graphic. It simply makes individual point becomes interesting. The visuals and content effectively communicate with the audience.

If you’d like more infographic designs that can tickle your interest, then you can find more online. There are hundreds of them that can give you inspiration for your own design. But, whatever design you create, you need to make it user-friendly. Although it’s important to be artistic in this subject, you’ll have to make sure that you grab the users’ interests. As you can see in these designs, the styling and presentation of details were well-thought. They can be easily read and understood.

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