21 Beautifully Designed Wedding Websites

When it comes to wedding websites, everyone has his/her own opinion about how useful they’re. Although it’ll take time to compile photos and write about your life/love story, your own wedding site will provide your guests updates and information about that special day. By having such website, you’ll save money on the overall costs of sending wedding invitations.

Depending on the tools you’ve included, you can have a RSVP system on your site to make it easier for you and your guests to communicate.

Once your guests have entered their emails and names, you can compose 1 email and send them to all of your guests, instead of writing down 100.

If you don’t have an idea about how your wedding website would be like, then these 21 cool wedding website examples might give you some clues.

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1. Ashleyjeremy.com

Ashley and Jeremy’s wedding site provides details about their love story and how they feel for each other. It also informs their guests about the date and place of the ceremony.

2. Martinandlydia.com

This wedding website of Martin and Lydia shows different types of photos: serious, wacky, etc. Just by looking at their website, it makes you think that the overall celebration will be filled with fun and laughter. It’s pretty obvious the couple knows how to party.

3. The-pittmans.com

It’s the wedding website of Courtney Cox (not the actress) and Brendan Pittman. It’s simple, yet unique way of letting their friends and relatives know how much they love each other. The cover photo represents how happy they’re together.

4. Karlandgina.com

It’s straight to the point. The background itself gives you an idea of what marriage is like for them – heaven.

5. Ournine9.com

At first glance, you’ll see the important information about the wedding like the date and place of the wedding ceremony.

6. Megananddylan.com

It contains all the essentials of a wedding invitation, like guestbook and registries.

7. Annieandrenje.com

The couple opted for a simple approach for their wedding site. Although it’s simple, the photos would keep their visitors busy.

8. Helenandjoshsittinginatree.com

Helen and Josh’s wedding site offers a story about how they met and fell for each other through a comic sketch.

9. Sarah-n-peter.com

This is another simple yet elegant site that includes a blog where you can find important pieces of information, like how they’ve prepared for their wedding.

10. Sarahandant.com

This is a good example of a “flashy” wedding website. It’s filled with photos of the bride and groom, as well as their personal information.

11. Jennyandgrayden.com

Three words to describe this site: clean, fun and minimalist. Plus, it looks like a movie poster.

12. Erinandmike.christieconyer.com

This site focuses on the love that the couple has for each other. With each photo, it’s impossible to not understand the fact that they’re in love and destined to be together.

13. Kristinkohan.com

Its approach is very unique. It doesn’t include a lot of photos but it contains love messages of the couple. It also utilizes the social networking sites where the couple’s guests could communicate with them.

14. Kevinkristenwedding.com

It provides in-depth details about the couple’s wedding ceremony. Its green-themed catches the eyes of its visitors.

15. Chipandjoni.com

The coolest part of this wedding site is the theme as it gives you the idea of how the ambiance will be like during the wedding.

16. Nateandsasha.com

Its design is simple to set up. Its visitors will have no difficulty exploring the site.

17. Steveandjacqs.com

Its unique theme is what makes this website stand out. It has everything that you need to know about the wedding ceremony, like the maps, menu, gift list, etc.

18. Gopal-seema.com

It’s a good example of how an Indian wedding invitation is like in the modern world.

19. Loveandmustache.com

Its URL doesn’t say about who’s going to be wed. But Kelly and Chet made sure that their wedding website is an excellent webpage that utilizes high quality design.

20. Anthonyandmelissa.co.uk

The pinkish design seemed like it’s been created by a girl. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely adorable.

21. Jessandruss.us

This site illustrates how the couple met and how Russ won Jess’ heart. It’s indeed a good site.

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Hopefully, these cool wedding websites examples will give you some ideas on how to personalize your own wedding site to share your upcoming event with your family and friends wherever they’re in the world.

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