10 Best Apps for Email Management

If you’re wondering why apps for email management remains relevant, just think of how email is a requirement in any account you have to open. Be it a social media account, a professional who’s on set to hunt for a job, even businesses regardless of scale. No matter the advancement in technology, it is affiliated with anything digital. It’s not surprising because email comes with many advantages including how fast, accessible, permanent, and most of all, cheap it is.  For this reason, whether you’re an individual or a business owner having the right email management software is essential.

In this article, we are featuring 10 of the best email management app that you can choose.

10 Best Apps for Email Management

1.  frontapp

apps for email management

If you want to make your customers feel like VIPs, then Frontapp is the perfect email management software for you. This web-based platform is the perfect communication hub that allows the retention of customer success using simple yet intelligent tools and processes. They know how improving customer experience can drive them to loyalty, thus create more impact for your brand. This app offers operational efficiency that allows you to respond faster and exponentially expand your reach. Front is so intuitive that it looks and feels like your own inbox, only with a few enhancements. Aside from powerful communication, this platform also features concise and actionable analytic so you can build and expand your business to its full potential.

2. Mailchimp

apps for email management

Own a small business and wants to grow it faster? Mailchimp can help you. This all in one marketing and email platform actst as the backbone of your customer relationships. It is an AI-powerd tool that puts your target consumers at the center so you can send engaging marketing emails, automated messages, send postcards and more. With its user-friendly interface, you can also create ad campaigns, build landing pages, facilitate reports and analytics, and ultimately, sell. Mailchimp is cloud-based as well making it accessible wherever you are, anytime you need.

3. Constant Contact

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Connect with the right people and maintain your built relationship using Constant Contact. This platform is trusted by countless businesses primarily small enterprises with its one-stop shop tools for branding, marketing, communication, and more. With its simple yet effective features, you can achieve your desired results and focus on running the business towards its expansion. Constant Contact is also perfect for individuals who just want to create and share their knowledge and passion with the world. Made accessible and easy to use, this platform is another cloud-based solution you can enjoy anytime anywhere.

4. ZeroBounce

email management appZeroBounce can verify, score and deliver all your emails. This software is a powerful tool that helps businesses improve their inbox placement. It can detect typos, nonexistent, spam and offensive emails so you are produced by risks that come with it. The software offers an impressive military-grade securtiry structure that ensures all your data is secured and protected at the maximum level. ZeroBounce takes pride in its over 6 billion validated emails and up to 100,000+ businesses across the world. This businesses rate 98% of the platform granting it the solid reputation it has today. So, if you want to clean your email list or maintain the healthy ecosystem of your email, you can count on this software.

5. Zoho Mail

apps for email management

Have peace of mind with Zoho Mail’s unparalleled email security and surveillance. It offers an extensive and powerful control panel where admins can go for all settings, configurations and customization needed for your team and business. Zoho Mail can help you manage your preferences by adding users, managing groups, set up rules to moderate your business’ content and more. If you require data retention for a period of time to ensure company standards are adhered to, this software has a feature for that. This is their e-Discovery feature where you can retain and find those emails easily. Zoho Mail is ideal for freelancers, small to large businesses and enterprises, and more.

6. Sendinblue

email management app

Sendinblue offers you more than just the typical apps for email management. It could probably be the smartest and most user-friendly software you can come across. You can thrive in the digital space and get ahead of your competition with its guide to the right marketing and sales tools. Knowing where your audience is is the strength Sendinblue sees. That’s why they offer management for all types of communication including emails, SMS, and chats. Their powerful features can quickly turn your website visitor into a converted customer by using engaging landing pages, sign up forms, and Facebook ads. As for security, Sendinblue has been on top of it as well. The application makes sure secure you and your customer’s data and privacy no matter the nature of your business is.

7. Exclaimer Cloud

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When a software is acclaimed for its efficiency and power, then you definitely have the right one. Exclaimer Cloud offers the perfect solution in creating and controlling numerous organizational signatures all in a unified structure. It provides a dynamic and professional signature regardless of what device you are using. Exclaimer Cloud can help cut businesses’ large expenses by decreasing the load on the IT department. This software is designed for many leading email companies including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsaft Exchange and more. As a result, an integrated solution for your email management is within your reach. Your audience can better resoante with your brand as well when the right email signature is utilised throughout the business.

8. Spike

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Spike unifies your whole office into one powerful inbox: email, chat, calendar, calls, team collaboration, and tasks. If you require to get a job done, everything is included in a single feed, allowing you to stop switching apps. Spike provides a conversational interface combined with traditional and modern methods of messaging. This results in the elimination of long and unnecessary threads, allowing team members to have more collaboration time and communicate effectively. Spike offers businesses the future of email with its seamless yet efficient features.

9. Thunderbird

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Sometimes, the best things in businesses come free. In that case, Thunderbird is on top of our minds. This software is one of the best free apps for email management yet provides the best and most efficient features. Additionally, it makes email better for everyone with speed, privacy and the latest technologies. It is loaded with multiple features such as remote content blocking, built-in ‘Do not track’, security and privacy guarantee and more. Aside from that, it also offers add-ons or extensions and themesso you can personalize your own interface. Thunderbird can be integrated with your existing digital ecosystem allowing you to grow and expand without the hassle.

10. EmailOctopus

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Designed for small to medium sized businesses, EmailOctopus offers you the simple yet most essential features in order to grow your business. It provides pleasant-looking email campaigns with a wide array of template choices. Additionally, you can also create your own landing pages and pop-up forms to effectively capture your audience. EmailOctopus is true to its name, offering a multide of features such as time-based automation, onboarding of new customers and nurturing of existing ones, segmentatin and more. This way, you can target your market with a breeze using efficient and user-friendly features.

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