10 Best Apps For Event Floor Plans

One of the key elements to a successful celebration is having functional floor plans. Besides, planning events is more than just gorgeous design and setup. Creating a fluid space for guests is essential to achieve a cohesive celebration. This is why apps for event floor plans can help stylists to present an organized and beautiful celebration.

A great floor plan involves harmonious seating, eating, spaces, aisles, and promotes good guest traffic flow. This can be hard to achieve when you’re all imagining it or sketching it might be time-consuming, not to mention if you’re not good at sketching. Fortunately, there are apps in the market that can assist events planners and stylists to achieve a successful floorplan for their project.

10 Best Apps For Event Floor Plans

1. Social Tables

event floor plan app

Social Tables is a cloud-based software that has revolutionized the way events are designed and executed. This is made possible with features that allow easy sourcing and collaboration between planners, staff venue and properties. Today, Social Tables is renowned for its innovative tools and has been the leading online software solution for corporate events, weddings, and any kind of celebration. In fact, this app for event floor plan is widely used in industries such as hotels, venues, universities, event production companies, and so much more.

2. All Seated

apps for events floor planAllSeated is known to be the most innovative event planning platform. This web-based software offers a 3D blueprint for stylists and planners that allows vivid visualization of floor plans. Additionally, its 360 degree view helps to-scale customization more accurate in reflecting every aspect and element of the celebration. This app is loved by many stylists as it is where clients, venues, and vendors can collaborate to create a successful celebration. In addition to that, with its digital tools and virtual reality feature, it can eliminate the need for on-site meetings. Moreover, it offers tools for clients guest list, seating, timeline, virtual walk-throughs and so much more.

3. Planning Pod

floor plan for eventsServing multiple markets in the events industry, Planning Pod helps venues and planners streamline seat management and floor plan. One of the all in one apps for event floor plans, it also has features for tracking clients, booked events, sales, layouts, proposals, online contracts, invoices, online payments, calendars, and task management. In addition to that, it also offers an extensive reporting tool and real-time dashboards for easy navigation.

4. 3D Event Designer

apps for event floor plans3D Event Designer is true to its name as it offers a 360-degree solution in the event floor planning. This cloud-based software can help you visualize and plan any kind of event with a breeze. This app is ideal as well for vendors and clients who want to have a 3D model of their event venue. In addition, this app also offers an inventory for all elements of a design that needs to be exported for purchase.

5. PerfectTablePlan

app for event floor plan

Finding the easiest way to create a seating plan for a massive future event? PerfectTablePlan is the right platform for you. This cloud-based event floor plan management solution can help organize from a 4000+ event to an intimate event with family. It can manage the guests’ details, meal choices, RSVPs and more. With this app, you can automatically assign the attendees based on their preferences. Additionally, it relieves event planners from last-minute changes as it can save time and reduce mistakes. Moreover, the layout tables created can be printed as well as charts, place cards and badges.

6. Cvent

app for seat plansCvent provides complimentary access to all of its tools including event floor planning. It offers a wide range of options as well that can be helpful for the overall planning of the celebration. Moreover, it provides a collaborative platform allowing you to create floor plans with health and safety distancing prioritised. Additionally, it lets you run an audit as well to check the distance between tables to ensure safety standards are followed.

7. wedding Wire

event seat plan platform

Wedding Wire features a drag-and-drop seating chart tool that makes planning for seats easier and quicker. Contrary to its brand, it can also be used with other types of celebration. With this web-based platform, you keep a track of all your RSVPs and guest details. In addition to that, once the seating char template is completed, it allows planners to easily share the fancy digital floorplan. You can export, print, or email it so everyone on the team and the client as well is looped in on the arrangement. In addition to that, you can download this on mobile devices as well.

8. Vivien Event Designer

CAD software for event designersVivien Event Designer offers both 2D and 3D options in creating a floorplan. It allows a drag and drop off feature with over 1000 objects to make the visual plan realistic and easier to picture. This software is a powerful choice for many AV companies and event planners to help them design an event. No matter the size, this simple yet impactful CAD software can bring you fast and accurate results that will surely impress clients and guests. Furthermore, Viven offers more than 10,000 library items that enable designers to be the most creative as they can be.

9. Aventri

seating managment app

Aventri offers a powerful yet simple solution to event management. It helps events planners to eliminate the guesswork and confusion when planning big celebrations. This platform has tools to effectively design seating arrangements and table charts with confidence. By using its seating planning tool, designing an event floorplan will be easier and perfect. Asie from that, it has features such as report automation and team collaboration that help you organize a successful event.

10. Event Draw

event seating management softwareEventDraw is an event seating software that helps venues, hotels, and event designers have a harmonious floor plan for celebrations. It helps creative professionals save time and energy on confusing floor layouts and table arrangements. Additionally, it understands how the proper allocation of guests can lead to a more memorable experience. This application features a build to-scale seating plan with a user-friendly interface.

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