10 Best Apps for Team Communication

Looking for reliable apps for team communication? While there are a lot of dominating apps you can go for in the market, there are also a lot of alternatives that you can choose from. After all, it is critical to ensure the business keeps running and achieving its goal. So, to ensure your team’s productivity, the application of your choice should promote a user-friendly interface, collaborative tools, task management among the many things you need.

In this article, we are featuring 10 of the best apps for team communication and management to help your business keep up with the changing and evolving times.

10 Best Apps for Team Communication

1. Slack

apps for startup companiesKnown for its intuitiveness and near-instant interaction, Slack is a workplace communication tool that totally configurable by the use of add-ins. Because this app is a communication tool, sending documents, images, and project details are possible. It is cloud-based designed to facilitate different channels for varying teams inside an organization. It has powerful tools integrated to a platform, promoting interaction with smaller teams. As a result, members can send messages directly to colleagues and public channels.

2. Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft’s own online collaboration tool called Microsoft Teams makes collaborating with others seamless. Known for producing simple and easy to use platforms, teams are no different, it makes sure that you are never behind during meetings. It even provides an online guide to teach you and your team to work successfully. This app helps in solving problems and providing an avenue for discussion and collaboration. It has easy to navigate interface too,  So, if you need one reliable app, then Microsoft Teams should definitely be considered.

3. Cisco Webex

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Cisco Webex is a hassle-free online collaboration tool that strives to provide high-quality and secure video conferences. With their simple yet powerful set of security features, you don’t have to worry about someone barging into your important meetings. It has whiteboarding tools, easy to manage cloud calling, high-resolution videos and more. You rarely find an app that features a powerful set of tools that your team has access to. Cisco Webex can be your one place to connect to all of your team members. Be it a call, message or video call. Aside from that, this application guarantees security.

4. Ayoa

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Ayoa is a mind-map style online collaboration tool that means easier brainstorming with colleagues. Think of this app as a big canvas waiting to be filled with assigned tasks to each other. Idea generation is seamlessly blended with this app. It goes above and beyond convention and is a great platform for teams. Knowledge cultivation is encouraged which can be utilized to drive a company to success. Ayoa is ideal for effective collaboration and communication between teams. So, if you’re looking for a fluid platform, this app might be a gem for you.

5. Base Camp

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Severely affected by the remote work transition? Basecamp’s solution to a confusing workplace is what they’re known for. This makes sure you are immensely working with your colleagues with no work left behind. That’s why users claim that configuring Basecamp can be done easily as it has a very intuitive and simple interface. This software understands how stressful it is for team members to juggle all tasks. So, to prevent that, they created tools that will enable a quick transition of remote work, organizing tools, and more. Since Basecamp has been working remotely for 20 years, it is one of the most suitable apps for team communication. It is ideal for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and teams.

6. Helmbot

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Handling your business will never be the same with Helmbot’s features that will make your process so much easier. With robust features such as Inventory and Task Management, Performance Metrics, and Order Management. HelmBot has everything that has business to look for. It was designed to help brick and mortar businesses and other service-based businesses. For this reason, Helmbot brings in extra appointments with its point-of-sale tools, marketing automation, staff management, and more.

7. GanttPRO

apps for work from home teamsBy the name it suggests, GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart software that is mainly used for managing projects whether you’re with a team or just by yourself. This can be a one-size-fits-all app with so many features to be used such as milestone tracking, status tracking, and more. This is also suitable for scrum and agile development which means fewer headaches for developers. GranttPro is ideal for teams for various industries, single users, project managers, team managers, and more. The platform has been widely used with over 500,000 users from established companies such as Salesforce, Sony, NASA, Hubspot and more.

8. OurPeople

platform for team communicationOurpeople focuses on mobile-first solutions team communication so you can update your manager anytime anywhere with just a phone. This allows efficiency among team leaders and members to collaborate despite the busy schedule they have. So, the app basically removes the hassle of finding coverage from a management standpoint, ensuring members will not suffer from information overload from emails and group chats. Truly living up to its brand, Onepoeple promotes unified solutions with its engaging features and user-friendly interface.

9. Wimi

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Wimi is a simple yet feature-packed project management and online collaboration app. This app is currently leading one of the best European platforms in the industry. There are over 55,000 companies that trust Wimi as their collaboration tool which makes this app truly reliable. They offer tools that sustain businesses in sync, improves task and project management, secure important data, promote clarity of communication, leading to a unified workplace. In addition to that, it has flagship features such as drive solutions, project calendar, video/audio calls, reporting, access and rights management and more. With its multi-factor authentication and encryption, all your data is guaranteed to be secured.

10. Fuze

team communication appModernize your team’s communication with the number 1 global cloud communication platform. Fuze is a collaborative software that lets you handle big project meetings with ease and clarity. With its seamless and robust features, updating your teammates can be as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. The features they offer include a comprehensive view of usage, engagement, and productivity throughout your organization. Perfect for all kinds of enterprises, Fuze offers an all in one cloud unified solution for managing all your communications systems. We offer superior voice quality, video calling, conferencing, integrating, easy content sharing and a contact center to over 116 countries.

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