10 Best Apps for Managers

Establishing remote policies for a work from home setup is challenging. It’s always preferred to have these policies discussed beforehand. However, the abrupt surge of COVID cases prevented companies and businesses from doing so. Fortunately, a lot of apps for managers are increasing to provide solutions and increase productivity. These apps are management software that aids in time scheduling, project and task management, tracking, and more.

It’s common for teams members, especially those who are high performing, to face struggles in keeping their quality of work. The remote transition on the set of the pandemic is crucial. So, in this article, we are going to feature 10 of the best apps for teams to remain productive despite the lack of face to face interaction.

10 Best Apps for Managers

1. SINC Workforce

apps for managersSince Workforce serves as an accurate single source of truth used for tracking staff hours and their progress while working. It makes company-wide communication easier with their shift and job notes feature. This leads to improving the company’s job profitability through the app’s effective managing tasks, report generation on labor costs and production tracking. The app also keeps the payroll running fast and accurately, correctly calculates overtime hours. With Sinc Workforce, scheduling is made easier which leads to a significant reduction of no-show team members. For this reason, this platform is ideal for small to mid-size businesses from different industries.

2. monday.com

apps for managersNo more lazy Mondays with an app that simplifies the process of teamwork. monday.com is a cloud-based team management solution catering to teams of all sizes. Users are enabled to manage different kinds of projects and ensures that all workflow is built easily through their tools and features. This include project management, sales and CRM, marketing, software development, task management, operations, recruitment, and more. So, setting up your team’s workflow will never be easier with hundreds of visual and customizable templates available. Furthermore, monday.com can be integrated with your existing tools which makes your experience even more seamless.

3. Smartsheet

apps for managersSmartsheet is a dynamic award-winning software that is trusted by over 90% of fortune 100 companies. It is one of the apps for managers that empowers leaders and members to manage projects, automate workflows, build solutions, and more. In addition to that, Smartsheet allows integration with your existing digital ecosystem so you can maintain the alignment you have within the company. The application features a spreadsheet-like interface which makes it easier for users to navigate. As a result, teams are empowered with productivity through file sharing, Gantt charts, work automation, and more.

4. PagerDuty

software for team management PagerDuty has a strong knowledge of how time is equivalent to money. This is why the platform provides faster issue resolution, keeping businesses up and running. It offers on-call management for flexible scheduling, escalations, and alerting. Additionally, this app also provides end-to-end incident response, runbook automation, noise reduction scale, operational analytics, and more. Moreover, PagerDuty aims to fit into any existing digital augment of a company which makes it easier for a team to perform with the same kit, only better.

5. ProHance

platform for managers

Want to save time but still perform efficiently? With ProHance, any team goal will be achieved quickly and accurately. It is a global operations management platform that helps provide visibility to businesses and other industries. ProHance has a SaaS-based modular approach that enables time management and monitoring of effort contribution. Moreover, this app for managers drives optimization for deep insights and team performance. With ProHance, you can view your operations holistically, allowing identification of opportunities, collaboration, and more. As a result, the app has helped countless businesses in unlocking their full potential.

6. LiquidPlanner

apps for team managmentIf you’re looking for an app that can predict how long work will be done, LiquidPlanner is the app you’re looking for. This feature is only available on this app which gives you the exclusivity you need. It optimizes high-performing teams, tracks and manages collaborative work. the predictive scheduling tool runs thousands of simulations that created real schedule forecasts for teams. As a result, this powerful tool can lead to a story revealing project. In addition to that, it increases confidence between people and the organization.

7. Teamwork

platform for teamsTeamwork is an app that offers simple features but is powerful enough when you need it. It has the flexibility that managers will surely love, allowing customization for your workflow, view your Gantt chart, task list, board view and so on. Imporving collaboration, accoutability, visibility, and of course impressive results. Teamwork is a cutting-edge cloud-based software that gives you access to impactful features where ever you are. Additionally, its function rich interface makes it easy for everyone to monitor their projects, communicate and plan for the next goal. Besides, managing projecsts does only mean completing the work on schedule, but also deliver powerful results.

 8. SwipedOn

apps for business securityTransform your workplace in spite of distance with SwipedOn. There are dangers with a remote work stetup that poses a business’ database from malware, firewall breach and other security issues. Fortunately, SwipedOn can reinvent your front desk with its secure and smart with its contactless sign in, visitor screening, and instant alert notifications. The application has proven its effectivity by having over 35 million users across the globe. In addition to that, this softaware is fast to implement, user-friendly and provides best value for visitor sign in. It is truly unbeatable as it offers response in under 2 minutes. Talk about efficiency, right?

9. ProjectManager.com


project manager app

Bring your tema and project management to new height with the help of ProjectManager. With this software, you can launch your project in just a few minutes. It runs on Windows and Mac computers and there are no complex installation and download is necessary. This award-winning cloud-based app has a powerful scheduling and planning features ideal for effective collabortive tasks for teams. It also offers kanban boards, interactive Gantt chart, and tools for planning long-term projects. ProjectManager is ideal for construction companies, manufacturing teams, IT and Development agencies, professional services firm, engineering companies, product management teams, project managment teams, and so on. With over 10,000 users across these various industries, you are guaranteed to experience the convenience and efficiency this software offers.

10. Donesafe

project managementIf you’re looking for the best cloud-based solution for your HSEQ platform, then you should definitely consider Donesafe. This platform offers an all-in-one feature that connects your business’ management system to the members in the field management team in the boardroom. Modern and fresh, Donesafe allows real time access to enter and report HSEW data. Its end-to-end functionality enables you to tackle any requirement, process efficiency and automation, gain insight and prediction, and ultimately, empowers your workspace.

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