2 best css gradient generators: colorzilla and css3factory

Tired of manually typing or creating your CSS gradient code? Good news because you can go through the Internet and use a CSS gradient generator.

With a simple click and push of a button, you can easily come up with CSS gradient code to make your website look better and more impressive.

So why use a CSS gradient? Let’s just say that CSS gradient will allow your website to load faster and reduce bandwidth usage.

When you use gradient, your content will look smoother when zoomed because the browser itself will generate the gradient.

There are two types of gradient. This is the linear gradient and the radial gradient. The linear gradient is more of lines that go up, down, right, left, and diagonal. On the other hand, radial gradient is defined by its center.

In this post, I will introduce you to two of my favourite CSS gradient generators. These are Colorzilla and CSS3Factory.



Colorzilla will allow you to choose the right gradient according to your preference.

The website gives you a lot of options that will help you really come up with the right and desired design.

As you visit their website, you will find various elements:

  • You can choose which preset you want to use. Just scroll down the preset options to access more choices.
  • The CSS gradient offered by Colorzilla is both a type of linear and radial gradient. When you’re done choosing the preset, you can further customize it by changing its color and location.
  • You can also adjust the hue and saturation of your gradient through the adjustment tab.
  • As you try to customize your gradient, you can see how it would look like through the preview window.
  • You can change the orientation of your gradient as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and radial.
  • Change the size as well by changing the value in the size tab.
  • Below the preview tab, you will find the CSS code. When you’re done changing and modifying your CSS gradient, just copy and paste the CSS code in your website.

2. CSS3Factory


Compared to Colorzilla, CSSFactory is a lot simpler to use since it only retains the most important options when customizing CSS gradient. However, by doing so, it also lessen the level of customizability of your code.
You can find different options on their website.

  • The color swatches will help you choose a gradient color as fast as possible. All you need is indicate your preferred color by clicking within the color swatches.
  • You can add multiple colors by simply clicking the Add button found at the bottom of the color swatch.
  • Explore the tools found in the website to get the right gradient. After that, just copy the generated code below and paste it in your website.


Whichever you choose Colorzilla or CSS3Factory, you can easily generate CSS gradient code with either of them. With this information, I hope that you find this article helpful. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a message below.

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