Best Email Marketing Tools and Services

Every marketing and sales team develops unique email marketing strategies, regardless of business types and industries they belong to. And email marketing tools and services are a fantastic addition to their strategy.

You can streamline your email marketing efforts with email marketing services and tools. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of features. However, they usually offer functionalities associated with:

  • General email communication 
  • Automation
  • Subscription 
  • Notifications 
  • Analytics 
  • Integration with other service, sales, and marketing software

Both the email marketing tools and services help businesses build solid relationships with customers and prospects while keeping strong communication and moving them through the buyer’s journey.

Additionally, features like automation, A/B testing, and personalization made the tools more valuable to digital marketers looking to connect with the ever-fragmenting audience.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to a direct marketing channel allowing businesses to share updates, sales, and new products with customers on the email list. It delivers high ROI, making it even vital to businesses’ inbound strategy. 

It also eliminated the one-size-fits-all mass mailings. Instead, it focuses on personalization, segmentation, and consent.



Why Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service Important?

There are tons of excellent email marketing services out there. But it is necessary to choose the best one.

The best email marketing service will help a company reach its target customers efficiently and be aligned with business styles. It gives the owners more control over reaching their prospects and customers. It also helps them grow their customer base, create professional-looking emails, and seamlessly market their products and services.


What to Look for in a Good Email Marketing Tool?

You can use an email marketing tool to design email templates, grow email subscribers, and more. However, with so many options on the market, from free email marketing tools to paid versions, choosing the best one for your business can be daunting.


So, here are top must-haves in an email marketing tool:

  • Powerful and easy-to-use email builder
  • Mobile-ready 
  • Excellent selection of templates 
  • Flexible pricing (paid version)
  • Rich reporting 
  • Reasonable send limits 
  • Seamless surveys 
  • Integrations and plugins 
  • Design and spam testing 
  • Fantastic support 

Meanwhile, here are the best email marketing tools and services you might like to consider:

1. HubSpot

HubSpot provides plenty of drag-and-drop email templates, but it also allows custom templates. It lets you personalize and preview emails for different recipients according to list inclusion, country, or device type. You can perform A/B testing to compare different email versions.


2. verifies millions of emails every year. This email validation service helps boost email campaign sending results. It features an email address verifier API that integrates email validation at lead form sign-up or registration. It also guarantees fewer bounce rates.


3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue features a forms tool that lets you collect fresh leads, which you can enter into email nurturing campaigns or segment into particular lists. It has workflows giving you access to different pre-made campaigns. You can also run more nuanced email nurturing campaigns.


4. Mailchimp 

Mailchimp will help you collect data you can use to get actionable insights and boost your email marketing strategies. It is simple enough for people getting started with email marketing but flexible enough for businesses. It offers more than 300 integrations that promote customization.


5. GetResponse 

GetResponse offers email marketing automation in more than 20 languages. It comes with a webinar solution, landing pages, and CRM. You can choose from more than 500 templates that you can integrate with Shutterstock. It also has a drip campaign tool that lets you see when you will reach out to leads.


6. Omnisend 

Omnisend is ideal for creating custom workflows dedicated to any customer journey stage. It comes with omnichannel functionalities that give you more control over where and how you connect with your target audience. The automation workflow lets you add email, push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.


7. Benchmark Email 

Benchmark Email helps feature your products or services to repeat sales and grow new. Emails are easily branded and mobile responsive. It has email templates for all occasions, including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, announcements, etc. It will also help you build a strong subscriber list with landing pages, pop-ups, and forms.


8. MailerLite 

MailerLite offers a pop-up customizer and landing page builder. Aside from a drag-and-drop email builder, it also comes with a built-in photo editor and a rich text editor. It allows you to run tests on different email variations to see what works best in driving clicks and conversions.


9. ConvertKit 

ConvertKit is best for content creators, writers, course creators, professional bloggers, and digital marketers. It helps build landing pages and market your products or services over emails. It lets you search for cold email subscribers or remove non-responses from your email lists


10. Moosend

Moosend is perfect for sending personalized emails and creating automation. It lets you quickly craft subscription forms, landing pages, and email newsletter campaigns necessary for capturing, nurturing, and converting your audience. The analytics tools and real-time reporting offer measurable results regarding user management and campaign performance.


How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is a straightforward process, but it requires lots of A/B testing to determine how businesses can best communicate with their subscribers.

Since email marketing uses emails as a sales channel, you need to have a massive email list of the target audience voluntarily signed up to receive messages.

After you signup for an email marketing tool or pay for an email marketing tool, you have to create your strategy and start building and growing your email list. Then, you can set up automation tasks and monitor email campaign performance with A/B testing. 



Best Email Marketing Practices 

The following email marketing best practices will help your business generate more leads:

  • Do not purchase contact lists 
  • Stick to less than three typefaces 
  • Do not use “no reply” in the sender’s email address 
  • Perform a five-second test 
  • Tie emails to landing pages 
  • Utilize auto-responders for opt-ins 
  • Include business logo 
  • Name the offer in the subject line 
  • Create a personalized email greeting 
  • Incorporate an email signature 
  • Keep the call-to-action and main message above the fold 
  • Write compelling and concise subject lines 
  • Keep the email 500 to 650 pixels wide 
  • Let recipients subscribe to a newsletter 
  • Optimize the preview test 
  • Clean the mailing list regularly 


Wrapping Up 

Most email marketing services and tools offer essential features to craft professional email newsletters. They also provide a range of high-quality features, including data analysis, available support, and complete customization. So, your choice will depend on your business needs and goals.

Email marketing is a quick and efficient way to find, engage, nurture, and convert loyal customers. So, choose the best email marketing service or tool for your business.

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