15 Best Food Photographers in GTA & Toronto

The best way through a client’s heart is through their belly. But how can you do that virtually? Well, that’s why there are food photographers around GTA and Toronto to help you pave your way to your clients’ hearts. Though you can opt for a low-budget product shoot using your phone’s camera, it’s often not enough to capture everything.

Food photographers take pride in their high-resolution, high-definition camera that could capture even the smallest speck of pepper, glaze and other small yet impactul details. So, if you want to get ahead of the competition, check out our list of 15 best food photographers in GTA you can collaborate with.

1. Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Food PhotographyEmblaze Photography is a well-rounded photographer that can provide service for food businesses, events, headshots, photoshoots, weddings and more. With their skills and top-of-the-line tools, you’ll surely have photographs that will make your customers purchase at first sight.

2. Brand Glow Up

Brand glow up product photographersDo you need more help with branding and marketing? Brand Glow Up can be the full-service company you’ve been looking for. This team can be perfect as food photographers, branding partner, web designer and more. They have undeniable talent and knowledge of their craft. As a result, the outputs they produce are proven effective and topnotch.

3. RObert Lowdon

Robet Lowdon food photographer

Trigger the big appetite of your customers with Robert Lowdown’s professional food photography. Expect a seamless partnership with him as he has collaborated with numerous companies and businesses. He has a distinct technique in photography that tells a visual story which always results in satisfied-beyond-expectations clients. Truly, one of the best photographers in Toronto.

4. Jeff Wasserman Photography

Do you want a “Get in my belly now!” reaction from your audience? Jeff Wasserman’s photography can help you achieve that. He has an in-depth understanding of food photography. Therefore, makes him one of the best food photographers in GTA. In addition to that, he also provides services for motion photography, fashion, editorial, and more.

5. Donna Griffith Photography

Every sumptuous detail of your food product deserves to be photographed. And good news, Donna Griffith can pull it off for you. She produces photographs that would make you want to jump in the picture and eat the food subjects. Aside from this, she has a tremendous amount of professionalism that always results in client satisfaction.

6. The Art of Business Photography

The Art of Business food photographersThe Art of Business Photography is a company that has an extreme amount of aesthetics and knowledge. For this reason, you’re assured to receive outputs that can increase revenue and expand your market reach.

7. Michael Mahovlich Photography

Michael MahovlichMichael Mahovlich Photography can elevate your product’s market presence with his professional technique in beverage and food photography. He has effectively worked with countless clients across Toronto so you’re surely in good hands.

8. Fiocca Studio

Fiocca StudioLet your product photos speak for themselves. Fiocca Studio has been one of the go-to food photographers of businesses in Toronto to achieving their goal in product impact. This company provides eye-popping photos perfect for Instagram posting, website landing page and more. Aside from food, Rob Fiocca is also one of the best product and interior photographers in Toronto. For this reason, it’s no surprise that he has been receiving numerous awards in commercial photography.

9. Mister Mister | Creative Agency & Photography Studio

Mister Mister one of the best food photographers

Mister Mister has the mastery in blending light and texture into any food product. Therefore, every photo he captures can truly trigger the appetite and hunger of a customer. This company provides “photos you can taste” with their amazing equipment and skills. Aside from being one of the best food photographers in GTA, he is also an incredible photographer for motion, people and other products.

10. Lana Malykh

Lana MalykhLana Malykh is one of the food photographers who is inspired by diverse cultures and traditional flavors. That’s why she has mastered a photography style and technique that are dedicated to highlight those unique elements. In addition to food, Lana is also passionate about lifestyle and brand photography and still life photography. She loves to incorporate natural light in her photos to create the most natural appeal to the customers.

11. Storia Photo + Video

Storia Photo + Video is a well-rounded company that you can count on both amazing photography and filming. This team of equally talented and skillful individuals gives collaborative insights combined with creativity. They execute each project with intense professionalism and passion. For these reasons, you can surely expect an incredible output.

12. Jazmina Alzaiat Photography

Jazmina Alzaiat is a professional photographer that has a deeply rooted passion for creating images. She specializes in commercial and editorial photography but has a soft spot for health and wellness.

13. Brandon Barré Photography

Brandon Barré is a globally known photographer who specializes in food photography, luxury hotel, resort and residential photography. With his compelling eye for details and techniques, he’s surely one of the best photographers any business can encounter.

14. Tracy Cox Photography Inc.

Tracy Cox’s photography takes pride in her authentic and natural approach to food photography. She perfectly captures food elements and their essence which results in a turn-key for food products.

15. Gibson-Smith Photography

Gibson-Smith has been in the amazing industry of food photography for over 20 years. With their long and unique years of expertise, they have been one of the trendsetters and masters of classic food photography.

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