18+ best free halloween-themed fonts

Halloween is getting closer this month. It is that time of the year where spooks and ghosts start to appear on almost every graphical advertisement or promotional posters around you.

In case you are doing a Halloween party, you might be in charge of putting in the decorations, banners and such, and for that, you might need a good font to suit the mood.

There are nearly thousands of free fonts that you can easily download on the Internet.

However, here are some cool Halloween-themed ones which are perfect for any of your design needs – flyers, party posters, invitations and the like.

1. YouMurderer BB


Perfect for bloody scenes, it fits grunge Halloween posters, giving of that scary impression that someone died horribly.

2. Zombie Holocaust


If you’re holding a zombie party, eat your brains out with this cool and gothic font. It looks eerie and stylistic too.

3. Creepsville


For those who look for classic horror fonts then Creepsville is a great choice. It will remind you of Frankenstein or the Adam’s Family.

4. A Charming Font


Inspired by the “Charmed” occult TV series, this is a great font for witch-themed parties and events.

5. Something Strange


This is a creepy Halloween-themed font that is in all-caps and slightly italic, perfect for those ghostly neighborhood stories.

6. Buffied Font


Inspired by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, this is also a great choice for a Halloween font with its bloody appearance.

7. Bosque Encantado


Halloween isn’t Halloween without the creepy dead trees with swirling vines – and that’s exactly what we have here.

8. Deutsche Zierschrift


Looking for a high-quality gothic Halloween font? This typeface has superb details and can be used for ancient books of the dead or the occult.

9. My Bloody Valentine


This font has long drips of blood, which makes it quite unique from other fonts.

10. Blood of Dracula


As the name implies, if you are doing some vampire-themed designs then go for this bloody gothic font.

11. Gorestep


An all-caps horror font, this is perfect for creepy headlines, suspense titles and the like. The blood drips are realistic.

12. A Lolita Scorned


If you are doing designs that have relations to creepy dolls and ghost girls then go for this cute but creepy font.

13. Helloween (version 2)


Here is a dingbat (symbols font) with lots of ghosts, witches, pumpkins and lots of other horror elements.

14. Lemonade


This may not look like a flashy Halloween font but it’s good for thriller-suspense visuals, psychological horror and the like.

15. Midnight Hour


Enjoy this eerie and creepy font with its unique wavy appearance that will keep the spooky moody hanging around.

16. Jack O


In case you are doing a Jack-O-Lantern party or design, check out this cool typeface with comic-style uppercase fonts in pumpkins.

17. Barbed Ink


For a creepy atmosphere, have a strange font with wavy ink design that’s perfect for psychological ghost stories.

18. Calaveras


This cute font has skull designs on each letter. The typeface might look wacky but it is still Halloween-themed.

19. Solstice of Suffering


Unlike most horror fonts, this one is an outlined all-caps typeface with blood drips.

20. Yataghan


For those who love vampires, witchcraft and occult, this is a nice clean font with sharp tails and stems.

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