10 Best Life Coach Website Design Examples (2023)

Websites nowadays became as essential as calling cards — helping one generate more leads and at the same time, build credibility. With this in consideration, some life coaches took this as a challenge to have a stunning website that stands out. They took style and functionality to marry into something refreshing while reflecting their branding. To give you a couple of inspirations, here are the 10 Best Life Coach Website Design Examples. Learn what you can and take a look at how you can craft something that not only you but at the same time, brings results too.

10 Best Life Coach Website Design Examples (2022)

1. Cortney Mcdermott

cortney mcdermott Life Coach Website Design Examples

A stunning website that embodies what she preaches for — change truly starts within you. Cortney Mcdermott managed to come up with a clean, modern, and sophisticated website design. With one look on her homepage, she showcased her media features and affiliations. Furthermore, she then includes photos of herself for a more personalized touch. She also has call-to-actions that encourage the audience to either sign up for her newsletter or book an appointment.

2. Melissa Ambrosini

With her minimalist but the stylish website, it’s easy to catch how sophisticated and fun Melissa Ambrosini is. Her website is designed to immediately build rapport through a sense of familiarity and aspiration that encourages her audiences that life can be better.  True enough, she also offers free one-hour meditation upon joining her email list. Besides this, her appearances and publications are also included to immediately establish her credibility in what she does.

3. Lisa Shield

lisa shield

Simple and straightforward, Lisa Shield immediately establishes her authority through her heading. She communicates what she can deliver through her curated five steps one can follow for a happier and more successful romantic relationship. More than manifesting, she grounds her audience by establishing the realistic steps and struggles one can face but also overcome. Furthermore, she also touches on the audience’s personal experience through a relatable copy. Once the connection is built, she then establishes why trust her through her media appearances.

4. Gabby Bernstein

With her go-getter attitude, Gabby Bernstein comes off strong with her very unique website. Here, she highlights her activities that involve her Dear Gabby podcasts, published books, and others. More than this, she also encourages her audience to join her email newsletter to be a step happier and manifest all great things. She has free resources as well that can help the audience get comfortable first with her and before they jump in on a package with her.

5. Patrice Washington

Patrice Washington Life Coach Website Design Examples

Patrice Washington has one of the best life coach website design examples that we saw. She has an interactive website that is timed accordingly for maximum impact within seconds. Extremely elegant, she diverts our unending chase for success and money to living purposefully. She introduces herself by sharing tidbits about herself. Scrolling further, she grouped each landing page into categories than can be easily clicked and navigated.

6. Shine Bright

With allusion to nature and the sun, Shine Bright uses this to have a more nature-oriented and grounded website design. They added the element of the sun with trees that can bring a sense of peace and warmth to the audience. Moreover, they also took the liberty to go further deep into their philosophy and communicate their passion easily. With a pop of colours every now and then, their website has a clean yet positive appeal.

7. Marie Forleo

marie forleo

Marie Forleo has a minimalist yet chic website that sure appeals to women. Moreover, her website also exudes classic sophistication that transcends time. Perfect for women from different walks of life, she established connections without setting aside credibility. She then showcases her activities intended to be of help to the audience and also testimonials of her previous clients.

8. Kristin Webster

Charming and feminine, Kristin Webster uses a softer palette on her website design. She helps women get grounded and accept who they are that can help empower them in the long run.  Scroll a bit further, she talks about her mission and vision which can let the audience know of her services and what benefit she can bring to the table.

9. Christine Hassler

christine hassler

Christine Hassler is one of the best website designs to choose from.  She has a clean, minimalist yet refreshing website. Furthermore, her choice of colours also aligns with her branding that’s sophisticated without being detached from reality. On her website, you can also see her media and publication appearances that are also helpful in establishing credibility. Further, there is also space for her activities and content free to audiences.

10. Maggie Edwards

Directed for a positive change, Maggie Edwards designed her website with a sleek and easy to navigate structure. Perfect for those who are always skimming, she divided her content into short but easy to absorb pieces. She also establishes what service she offers by introducing herself and client feedback. Her courses and programs then also come next with the intent for a more straightforward no-frill approach.

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