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Today, we are proud to witness some of the world’s best logos ever designed and hence encountered.

We love logos and we keep making them because they are unique and possess a great character.

Indeed, there’s not really a rule to making great concepts like these logos; all that is needed for a logo to be worth recalling is that they must be original.

Take a look at these great logos I collected for this year 2013.

These logos don’t limit to any form or type of industry. Check them out for yourself for inspiration and see if your entry will soon fit to the list soon!

1. Garderobbery

Garderobbery Logo

No, the company is not something that deals with robbery or gardening; in fact, it’s a Russian fashion company! The logo of Garderobbery is one of the simplest logos ever displayed in the commercial space, and its minimalism is beyond compare. Rooting from the first letter which is ‘g,’ Garderobbery introduced a brand new way of creating logos. No need to make it very picturesque to the industry; just make it look original and easily remembered.

2. Crown Airlines

Crown Airlines Logo

Looking at the logo itself even without reading the typography, you know it’s of two things: airplanes and a crown in one. That’s creative! This blue-ish logo sits on this list with authority, not because it is a crown, but because it is so elegant that you’d love to have it on your real plane! There’s one trick here, though: zooming out, this logo might lose some details, making the logo look only as a crown. At least it still fits the title.

3. H Hotels Logo

H Hotels Logo Logo

You said it already: an ‘H’ for a logo, and don’t miss the word ‘hotels’ as well. This logo by Chris Reed is a standout for being simple and too easy to the eyes. Sporting linear arts in three colors of black, red, and cyan, the logo’s main attraction is the bedframe that takes the form of the H here. Well, what else would be more important in a hotel than a bed?

4. Blademan Knife Store Logo

Blademan Knife Store Logo

Another very simple but tempting logo design by Jura Ku, this logo features a blade, but is at the same time, a long-bearded man under a black hat. Furthermore, the minimalism of the logo requires no other colors also—just plain shades of gray. Feel like the logo is too sharp to handle? Remember: it’s for a knife store.

5. White Line Appliances

White Line Appliances Logo

Though honestly the first thing I found on the logo is the letter ‘m,’ this logo is still very modern yet simple. Featuring a 3D-like metallic object floated against a rich red background, this logo also features some use of subtle shadows to complement each stroke. You will not really know it’s spelled as ‘WL’ unless you found its real name which is ‘White Line.’

6. Conserve Rain Water

Conserve Rain Water Logo

Feel like letting the raindrops go back the river is like doing the right thing? Think again! This logo is more like a campaign in itself: rainwater might even save your day one time in the future. This logo features a tap pouring water on an invisible receptacle with a closed rounded bottom, catching the water with the effect forming like an inverted umbrella. Very relevant, straightforward, and of course, creative.

7. Illusion Studio

Illusion Studio Logo

One of the most creative logos I encountered this year, Illusion Studio did it right by putting a rabbit on a run, making it being visualized from a 3D scope, separating the red channel from the cyan channel. Though this effect is more likely to be rendered perfectly in 3D glasses, I still find the logo in itself amusing by default. Hey, why not try looking at it with the right pair of glasses?

8. New York Coffee Co

New York Coffee Co Logo

Cannot help getting table stains with your coffee mug? Check out this cool logo by Doaly. The logo’s main feature is the simple typography, but what makes it unique and very relevant to the title is the coffee mug stain surrounding the text. No one would ever think of anything else out of this logo except coffee.

9. Panthers Wroclaw

Panthers Wroclaw Logo

I have always loved logos seen on jerseys and sports attire, and this one is another great example of it. This logo which features American football in Wroclaw is a standout for using high-contrast elements, rich black inks, and a very fierce animal icon that wrap up the whole aggressive feel. Pair it with a dark-colored shirt and you’re good to go.

10. Qat Logo

Qat Logo

Ending on our list is one of my favorite for the typography class: a cat out of a ‘Q’ letter. One thing so amazing about this logo is that, the illusion which is obviously illusive is at the same time too obvious! Moreover, if you do not know the real name of the logo which is spelled as Q-A-T, then you might find it hard to guess it. Now the question is, is this cat looking at us?

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