10 Best Magazines For Every Web Designers Today

While the rush for going online for whatever content it may be is exponentially arising, we are glad to find that there are generous companies who are into the web business but still decide to print out materials for sale on stalls and department stores. It’s inevitable that we still need some good reading materials, and who’d guess, the benefit of keeping eyes off from the computer screen can keep them from getting tired before midday.

Today, I am glad to show you my collection of best magazines that web designers would really love to put onto their desks.

These magazines—or titles—may not be the ones that you’d love to call as a one-stop reference, but with rich contents and inspirations from experts and the source crowd, why not give them a glimpse?

These titles should not only be limited to web designers, but if you’re lucky to be a print designer or plainly a graphic designer, you might still want to check these out.

1. .net magazine


If you do so care about the web industry and the latest trends, better not miss out this top-of-the line magazine. The contents range from simple designs to news, but also extends even to programming, creative ideas and advice, promos, and a whole lot more. Moreover, the magazine also seems to fit right to the commercial side of web designing and development, so if you are on the run for some good stats and updates, .net is there to help you out.

2. Web Designer


A designing firm based in UK, this magazine focuses more about designing rather than development, though you can also get rich content with the latter. The magazine covers a whole lot as well, but particularly tricks and tips, tutorials, hacks, and even the most updated contents such as studies and updates with the latest trends and practices. There’re also some news and promos covered, and if you want to get more out of your designing edge, don’t miss this title that really matches your professional identity.

3. The Manual


Getting more on the scholastic or scientific side of designing the web can be tedious but fun along the way. Thankfully, this over-100-page ‘manual’ is your complete reference to extracting out the smart in you in terms to design. No, unlike usual magazines, you won’t really get that much photographic contents. Instead, you are given a lot of exercises that should give you a real brawn the next time you started planning out a truly intelligent design.

4. HOW Magazine


This award-winning magazine may not be directly purposed for web design since it covers from interior design but more on the digital arts. However, what you get are really good inspirations that make you design blend to different trends of today. Included in the pages are some great design inspirations especially for print, web and interactive design projects, list of career opportunities as a designer, and expert tips and advice for starting out and keeping a design firm or agency. Available as print or interactive content, you can surely get your copy from almost anywhere.

5. Layers Magazine


It’s pretty safe and fair to say that Adobe together with its latest Creative Cloud Suite is the most known and used set of applications for digital design and development. If you are one of the million lucky guys to use a software or two from the said company, then you better not miss out this Layers Magazine that specializes in Adobe products. The magazine focuses on in-depth tutorials, tricks, and advice from certified Adobe experts, and even gives you inspirations and concepts to start with. Whether you are a motion graphics designer or a web designer who utilizes different Adobe products in but a single project, then check out what this Layers magazine has laid on your desk.

6. Digital Arts Magazine


Perhaps one of the most popular magazine whether online or offline, the UK-based Digital Arts Magazine tops as one of the best magazines for its ever-new and ever-variety contents. People have loved Digital Arts for its lots of exclusive contents such as interviews, tricks, and inspirations. The magazine also showcases some best portfolios you can ever find in today’s generation of artists, and you can also bookmark some great tutorials especially when you’re for the interactive and web design contents.

7. Computer Arts


One of the most credited design resource not only for web designers but for every sort of designers who are into the digital methodologies, this magazine treats you with a real load of tutorials, tips, and tricks that you may have never yet imagined. Though its mastery tends to lean more on creating and mastering raster and vector objects, you can also collect a handful of resources for outstanding you designs for the web. Who might even think, your portfolio might also be showcased on the front page?

8. Smashing Magazine


It can be admitted that Smashing Magazine is more popular on the web than being on print. Nevertheless, the magazine as it is known on the web is regarded highly as a very good resource for designers and developers alike. Smashing magazine offers a lot of tutorials, online and print materials, design inspirations, news, updates, trends and practices, and even opportunities like workshops and exercises which are rare.

9. Offscreen Magazine


If you are more inspired to do creative work by others, check this magazine that should put a little stir into your digital life. The magazine is not really a basket of showcased arts and portfolios, and you won’t really get that much colourful and graphical contents. However, Offscreen focuses more on the lives of the few thousands who chose to be on the digital arts. Direct and exclusive interviews with some company owners, renowned freelancers, unknown but great designers—these are just part of the whole of what you’ll get with this magazine.

10. Website Magazine


Sometimes web designers are also regarded as developers, and in a lot of cases, the two must come together in but a single professional guy. This magazine, as you’d expect, has its heads pinned only to websites. What you get are serious guides and instructions about the web industry, how to get to the top, how to make your websites profitable, how to check on your website design quality, and a lot of how-tos, news, updates, best practices, etc. If you want to design with the development perspective in mind, don’t miss out any of the issues of this Website magazine.

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