10 Best Movie Poster Designs In 2013

Designing a poster means more than just marketing it, but adding visual art and appeal that will leave a striking or lasting image to your audience. While all had been said and done in the field of visual arts and graphic designing, there are still some unique ones who have made it to the top.

List of 2013’s best poster designs

Here, we look at some of the best movie poster designs this year (2013):

Side Effects

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this is a psychological thriller about medical issues and antidepressants. One of its posters was designed to look like a real doctor’s prescription with the names of the patient and the doctor.

Iron Man 3

With its stunning details and high-quality graphic design and photography, this highly-anticipated Iron Man movie will surely leave a mark yet again. However there is a catch – why are there multiple Iron Man suits on the background? Perhaps we need to watch the movie to find out why.

Our Nixon

This documentary about Richard Nixon’s life, from rare Super 8 home movies filmed by his closest people, has a unique yet simple poster as well. It makes the use of film stills of the man himself, with symbolic colors.

Afternoon Delight

This comedy-drama film directed and written by Jill Soloway has a unique neon poster that depicts a couple sitting in a couch. You don’t see a lot of artistic posters like these nowadays.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

Perhaps nothing says ‘magical’ and ‘whimsical’ than the world of Oz itself. The multiple poster designs (that line up to one landscape image of the world of Oz and its inhabitants) depicts great scenery of fantasy in realism.

Wreck-it Ralph

This is one of the best movies for kids and kids-at-heart, especially video game fanatics, as the use of iconic and known video game characters and the movie characters emerging from a video game screen make the poster look more appealing.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This highly-anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games has a set of different and unique posters for each character in the movie franchise. It just implies that the world of this movie is quite wide and each character side is different.



The western remake of a South Korean action film (which was based from a Japanese manga/comic), Oldboy’s poster depicts a man trapped in a box and being set free, a symbolic representation of the plot where a man is set free from prison but must find the culprit in a limited amount of time.

The Great Gatsby


With its flashy and grandiose geometrical design set to give the American ‘20s feel, The Great Gatsby’s movie poster is in fact, edgy in a modern way.

The Blue Umbrella


If you like minimalistic movie posters, then The Blue Umbrella’s poster is a cute one for you. The Pixar short film is a very simple yet heartwarming story and the poster clearly depicts just that.


Posters can leave a lasting impact to your audience, so it is a great idea to think and design carefully your concept before putting it up.

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