2 best no right-click wordpress plugins

Copyright infringement is one of the main concerns in the Internet ever since the beginning of the cyber age.

People can easily right-click on an image, body of text, or page content and likewise save it to their computer, and sometimes, re-distribute it as their own.

The worst case, perhaps, is that the thief sells it as his or her own, much like smuggling goods in the real world.

Thousands of lives are affected when a page is not protected and content can be openly captured as is.

For instance, the original author can lose not only his work and reputation, but also his will to even continue with his work, and might stop on his Internet career, whether it is with regard to blogging, photography or anything that can involve copyright infringement through stealing content from other sites anonymously.

To this, many websites nowadays have employed better ways to keep content thieves from stealing their work, and thus, maintaining their site or blog reputation as it is, without having to worry losing not only his or her name but also probable profit that could be earned if the thief decides to sell it as his own.

With regards to this, there are now a bunch of neat WordPress plugins in which you can use to prevent these thieves from right-clicking any image, text, or even any page on your website or blog.

No Right Click WordPress Plugins

No Right Click WordPress Plugins

Here are some great examples that you can try and use for your own WordPress site:

1. No Right Click Images Plugin


Author: Keith Graham

WordPress Version Required: 3.0 and above

User Rating(s): 4.7 / 5.0

Description: A plugin that runs on JavaScript, this blocks the user from right-clicking any image that’s on your site or blog. How does it do it? Simple – it detects the IMG tag on your site’s HTML code and disables the right-click option that it normally displays when you right-click your mouse to it.

This plugin should benefit WordPress photography blogs, art blogs and the like, which normally uses images to gather attention, showcase talent and attract visitors to their site. With that in mind, it means other content such as text, links, etc. are all normal and you can still right-click them.

2. Disable Right Click


Author: shrinitech

WordPress Version Required: 3.0 and above

User Rating(s): 5.0 / 5.0

Description: If the above plugin isn’t good enough for you, and you feel the need to protect your website or blog from intruders who plan to steal even your written articles and original content, then this plugin can really help you out. It disables not only images but also site text and other miscellaneous content – in short, the whole site.

It can even disable source code tracking, as some people who are good at programming can leak some hidden links that might be embedded on your website’s code, such as premium downloads, premium files, and others.

In fact, some people who cannot use right-click resort to viewing the source code, so if you have a plugin that disables that, then it’s a good form of protection.

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