7 Best Online Tools for Word Counting

Writing is a serious business. You cannot just spill out words just to make your report, article or term paper full and meeting the requirements. You must think clearly and use your writing skills to make easier ways of getting around your assigned tasks or paper works. While Microsoft Word already has a word counting tool, in most cases some computers do not have MS Word installed in their system, and this is where online word and/or character counting tools come in handy. Others use pay for essay writing services as this saves time and your papers are being done by professional writers.

List of the Best Online Tools for Word Counting

Here are the top 7 online tools for counting words, paragraphs, characters, and other text elements:

1. Word Counter


This is a real time word counter that accurately determines the number of words, sentences, characters, paragraphs, and even the average sentence length (in characters). It also shows which words are the most used in your written text (with percentage on each word’s usage). The online tool also has an application available for iPhone, widget for WordPress and an extension for Google Chrome.

2. WordCount.co


Here is yet another word counter that is also in real time but has a simple interface. It shows the word count and character count below the text box in white text (highlighted in green, red for the numbers). Despite having a simple interface, this is still worth mentioning as a handy tool.

3. WOW Count

A free online tool that will count words, paragraphs, characters, sentences, and keyword density. Another amazing feature is the option to upload in bulk articles and count words besides getting the other stats.

4. WordCounterTool


This is a nice word counter tool that also has many other options. It can change your text into lowercase or uppercase in just a click of the buttons. You can also check your typing speed (WPM or words per minute) by using the Check Typing Speed section on the left. Just press Start and start typing your text for about a minute and then stop the clock. Look at your number of words and it should be your WPM. Now, doesn’t that look handy?

5. Count on It


Instead of typing text online, this is a tool for uploading your text files or documents to the site and it will analyze its number of words. It displays the following: characters, chars (no spaces), Asian characters, non-Asian words and words. The supported file types you can upload are the following: PDF, HTML, XML CSV and text. The downside is you can’t upload MS Word or MS Office files, sadly.

6. Translators Base


This website is not just your average counting tool for words, line and characters. It gives you the chance to customize what you want to be counted. You can choose the number of lines and number of pages (and you can also choose characters or words to count on them). You can also choose to either include counting numerals or not. Just press the Calculate button and the results will display the following: Word Count, Characters with Spaces, Pages, Characters without spaces and Lines.

7. Scribendi Word Count Tool


If you want a tool that only counts the words, without the characters, special characters and other things, then this is a great tool for you. All you need to do is to copy-paste your text into the box and it automatically counts the number of words. This is a great tool if you are writing an essay and only need to count the number of words. It is a simple tool but nonetheless very useful.


With these free and easy-to-use tools online, counting words can be easily done. If you are in dire need of counting tools for your projects and essays, then try these web tools. Share it with your family and friends!

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