best rating plugins for wordpress 2015

Rating plugins are very important when it comes to the welfare of your website. It’ll help you know what people think about a particular content of your website. Through rating plugins, you’ll be able to identify where you’re falling short or where you are doing great. Thus, rating plugins is an indispensable part of your website.

In this post, I will share with you 4 of the best rating plugins you need to try. All of these plugins are effective and functional. Take some time to check out our list.

1. Rating-Widget


The star rating plugin brought about Rating-Widget will enable you to create your own rating widget and manage them through your WordPress dashboard. The rating can specifically turn into a star rating or you can even embed thumb rating. Some of the features of Rating-Widget are cross-browser compatibility, multi-language (supports 40 languages), compliant to CSS3, fully customizable, and others.

Rating-Widget also comes with “Top Rated” widget where you can place on the side of your content. It will allow you to display top rated comments, pages, and posts. Moreover, if you need more features, the Rating-Widget has an available Pro Version that will give you access to more powerful features.

2. Polldaddy Polls and Ratings


The Polldaddy Polls and Ratings is one of the highly rated plugins in WordPress. The plugin will enable you to create not only rating widgets, but also polls. There are 20 poll styles that you can choose from. You can easily see the results of the polls in real time. If that’s not enough, you can customize your poll by adding date and time when the poll will close, adding multiple choice polls, and displaying or not displaying results.

With the help of Polldaddy, you can create as many polls and ratings as you may want. You can gather as much information as possible as well. Like the Rating-Widget, there’s also the “Top Rated” widget that will help you place the poll at the side of your content which will display top comments, pages, and posts for the day, week, and month.

You need to note, that Polldaddy plugin needs you to run it with PHP 5.

3. Author Post Ratings


Author Post Rating is very easy to use and you do not to have any coding expertise to set it up. This rating plugin is special and unique since it gives the author the ability to rate the content as well. The post rating will help you display a 1-5 star rating and add labels.

The codes of the plugin can be shortened to come up with a shortcode that will allow you to place the rating widget anywhere in your blog site. You can individually enable and disable the star rating in each of your page. As of now, the Author Post Ratings is available in Spanish.

4. WP Customer Reviews


Running your own business? Want to know what your customers are thinking? Do you want to determine where you can improve your products or services? Then you need WP Customer Reviews.

The need for user ratings and reviews are not just important for gathering data, but also some search engines are now considering ratings and reviews as part of their ranking process. Through the help of WP Customer Reviews, you can properly set up a rating widget to let your customers’ voice be heard. In addition to ratings, the plugin will enable you to add customer testimonials.

WP Customer Reviews is compatible with WP Multisite and Multiuser. In addition to this, the ratings, reviews, and testimonials can be moderated so you can choose which of them can be displayed. Other features include:

  • Anti-spam features
  • Search engine friendly
  • Modifiable business hCard
  • Compatible with caching plugins and themes

Rating widgets are truly instrumental when it comes to engaging your audience. In addition to this, you can even increase your traffic as a result. The plugins I mentioned above are truly amazing and helpful. So if you have the time and resources, you can test each of them and see which of these widgets will fit your preference and need.

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