Best Web Design Strategies to Maximize Your Black Friday Revenues


If you are in the e-commerce industry, you will probably know how big things can get in the sales season. With the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend around the corner, now is the time to gear up for a massive traffic surge. Unless you are ready to deliver the best experiences to shoppers, you may miss out on the opportunity.

E-commerce sales in the US on Black Friday 2022 clocked a record $9.12 billion, and Thanksgiving reached the $5.3 billion mark. These are huge numbers, considering 2022 was a year of record inflation, and people were apprehensive about the looming recession. With the economy doing well in 2023, the year will likely see much bigger numbers.

Is your website ready for the surge in traffic and transactions during the upcoming season? This question should be on top of your mind right now. Even if you are confident about it, revisit your website and sprinkle some magic to gain a winning edge.

Here are a few web design strategies to propel your revenues this Black Friday:

Consider an Aesthetic Makeover


An aesthetic makeover is the first thing you should invest in to get your website ready for Black Friday sales. After all, the first impression takes visitors a step closer to the buying decision. However, as you give your site a design refresh, you shouldn’t go overboard with the changes. Keep them subtle yet ensure an excellent user experience.

That’s easy if your website runs on Wix CMS, the second most popular builder, with 110 million live websites built on it. You can invest in a Wix web design service package well before the sale season to get a makeover for your site.

Phantom Eye Design recommends opting for professional services instead of taking a DIY route. The last thing you want is an amateurish design that hardly sets your brand apart from competitors, vying to attract customers with great deals.

Highlight Black Friday Deals Prominently


Besides implementing an aesthetic revamp for your website, go the extra mile to highlight your Black Friday deals prominently. According to Shopify, Black Friday is the biggest day for discounts. It means you should have great deals for customers and ensure they can see these offers.

Start with visually striking banners and pop-ups on your homepage. Adding compelling and concise copy to the images can go a long way in grabbing visitors’ attention. Another tip to highlight the deals is to implement countdown timers. A timer creates a sense of urgency, compelling visitors to seal the deal before it expires.

Ensure Your Website is Ready for a Traffic Surge


Surveys indicate that 36% of buyers search Google for the best deals during Black Friday. Since these people likely land on websites, sellers can expect massive traffic surges that may get hard to handle. What if your site crashes due to the excess load? Even if it sustains, the sudden traffic surge can slow it down.

A pre-sales performance audit enables you to determine whether your website can handle the influx. If something is amiss, you must optimize its loading speed to create a seamless UX and lower bounce rates. Upgrading your hosting plan is a good idea to accommodate the increase in traffic. Consider a code freeze to avoid last-minute changes that could lead to potential issues.

Perform a Comprehensive CRO Audit


Testing and optimizing speed is only a small part of preparing your website for Black Friday sales. You also need to ensure it provides an optimal conversion experience for visitors. A comprehensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit can help you identify areas for improvement in user experience.

Heat mapping tools, heuristic processes, and customer surveys enable you to understand visitor behavior and pain points. Testing elements such as images, headlines, calls to action, and page layouts give an overview of UX gaps. Optimize them to improve conversions for maximum Black Friday revenues.

Optimize for Mobile


According to GlobalStats’ Statcounter, 54.02% of website visits originate from mobile devices, compared to 45.98% from desktop by 2021. Missing out on the mobile audience is a killer for e-commerce brands. Undoubtedly, mobile responsiveness should be a year-round strategy, but it becomes even more crucial during the sales season.

Ensure a responsive theme as the first step of mobile optimization. Adjust page layouts to create an optimal mobile experience. All images and videos should display correctly across all devices and screen sizes. Loading speed and font readability are other factors to prepare your site for mobile traffic this Black Friday.

Summing Up

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the revenue figures during the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. However, just being a part of the market does not guarantee a big chunk. You need to have competitive deals and a well-prepared website to maximize your market shape. Check your site sooner rather than later and ensure it is ready to handle the traffic surges. A great UX is also essential to gain maximum conversions and revenues.

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