10 Best Weight Loss Coach Websites for Inspiration (2023)

Losing weight is one of the struggles that most people need a coach for. More than just exercising, getting fitter also means dismantling everything. From eating habits, lifestyle, and activities, it takes a lot of work and choosing a coach to be with someone every step in the way is important. Thus, we decided to come up with a list of the 10 Best Weight Loss Coach Websites for Inspiration to get your brain working already and be what they need in the journey.

10 Best Weight Loss Coach Websites for Inspiration (2022)

1. Coaching by Jennifer

coaching by jennifer weight loss coach website

Minimalist but impactful, Coaching by Jennifer wows us with a strategic lifestyle image of an effortless diet. From this, we can already pick up how calculated every detail is for her. She has a certain sophisticated flair that resonates more with women who want to live a better life. Moreover, there is also a balance on dimensions that allowed her to use cleaner fonts paired with the occasional pop of colours and use of her photos to build rapport.

2. Lovely Impact’s Alicia

Lovely Impact’s Alicia is a great website template you can check out and get inspiration from. This is because of Lovely Impact’s expertise in the industry as a web design agency you can collaborate with or purchase a stunning website from. Furthermore, there is a sense of elegance in their overall branding that haloes to whatever they offer. This is perfect if your brand is into balance, minimalism, and warmth.

3. Body and Soul Coaching

body soul coaching weight loss coach websites

Using cool blue and pop of pinks, Body and Soul Coaching uses the website to not only communicate the service they offer but also an expression of their branding. This adds a bit of personality into the mix, making it easier for visitors to feel connected and comfortable with the coach. Not only this, the pop of colours stand out and attract attention towards the important details. This can eventually lead to conversion through call-to-action buttons in every section.

4. Coach Viva

Neat and straightforward, Coach Viva is one of the weight loss coach websites worth exploring. They have a rich content strategy that drives the client experience from getting to know them to engage for conversion. This is because of their strategic approach to focusing on the stories that they can relate to and communicating the future after onboarding with them. True enough, they also added a section of client feedback that can persuade new visitors to explore what they offer.

5. Join Calibrate

calibrate coaching weight loss coach websites

Calibrate focuses on improving one’s life and it aligns with how they presented their home page. They added a photo of clients and the coach to add a human touch and sense of community within the website. Furthermore, they also selected colours that are unique to the brand but also attracted attention towards their focus words and message. This actually helps them get the intent across much easier even with skimming readers.

6. Rochester Medical Weight Loss

Commending their colour choices, the gold and black have a regal and elegant look that implies how luxurious their service is. Rochester Medical Weight Loss also has occasional pops of purple on call-to-action buttons that stand out from their copy. In a single page, they introduced who is the coach and what made her the best to entrust this journey with. This is followed by the services offered and a section with customer feedback.

7. Bari Boss

bari boss weight loss coach

Bari Boss has a unique website presentation on a desktop. She deviates from the usual scroll static website and added a slideshow on top with highlights of what she offers. Not only that, but she also has a minimalist layout structure with bite-size copy that is easier to absorb. Her palette choices also range in cool shades of bluish-green which calms and encourages peace to the visitors.

8. Physical Nutrition

Sometimes, there is still charm in going along with traditional website structure. Physical Nutrition knows this and chooses to flaunt their timeless charm that sure gives an impression of seasonability to the visitors. Moreover, their choice of colours ranges from blue to green which is also used to highlight their headings on the long-form written copy.

9. Strong with Sarah

strong with sarah

Unconventional, Strong with Sarah owns up to her brand personality. She chooses fun contrasting colours that are great complements to her white and clean website look. She also utilizes patterns and spaces that add depth to the simple design. With a few scrolls, she already had a section with her media appreciates and mentions that targets trust already of the visitors before introducing what she does.

10. The Happiness Guy

The Happiness Guy is another amazing weight loss coach website to check out. The website uses the colour blue with white to bring comfort and serenity to the visitor. This promotes slowing down and putting them into a perspective that can absorb the content more. They also play around with different layout formats per section that delivers best what was intended. The addition of photos as well added more life and warmth to the website.

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