15 Of The Freshest Beverage And Alcoholic Drink Package Designs

Beverages and alcoholic drinks are some of the products that require good packaging and advertising techniques to be sold out in the market easily. In this article, we are going to give you some stimulating, unique and fresh beverage / alcoholic drink packaging designs that can boost your creativity in making one.

List of the freshest beverage and alcoholic drink package designs

Without further do, here is the list:


Here is a nice bottled example of a classy but simplistic drink. It has a snowflake design to it.

Mixed Emotions

Here is a nice and ‘twisted’ (pun intended) way of introducing alcoholic drinks like vodka – perfect for your parties with friends.

Flirtini Cranberry Wine

This has a stylish and sexy design to it, true to its name, and has a red and luxurious appearance.

Nuevas Rias

This bottle design resembles bottles of Holy Water, which makes it interesting.

Tequila 29

Tequila 29 (read as two-nine) also has a stylish packaging that comes in either light or dark colors.

Sea Cider

This is a vintage yet fresh package design, especially the artworks on the side of the container.

Margarita Mix

Here is a set of colorful and light-themed margarita mixes, for your eyes and taste buds.

Down Under

Here is a creative way of packaging beverages and alcoholic drinks – turning the labels upside down.


This has not only a cute design but also its translucence gives it a unique and classy feel.

Midnight Moonshine

Here is another cute alcoholic packaging that makes an easy-to-carry drink.

Dapper Beer

This one beer has a necktie with it that makes it more masculine and unique. This is a perfect gift for fathers and bachelors.

Buddy Mulled Wine

Here is another unique packaging – it has a meter on how much you have drunk from the bottle, signifying how much ‘merry’ you are from drinking. This is yet another perfect gift for bachelors and fathers.

Cocktail Chemistry

Here is yet another refreshing and colorful way to design beverages. The colors and designs are quite cute and interesting.


Here is yet another awesome beverage / drink design that is quite unique.

Fusion Beer

Here is a green and refreshing beer package for your designing inspiration.


Making packaging for products like beverages and alcoholic drinks can be challenging, but with these ideas, you are sure to gain some inspiration. If you enjoy this post, share it with your friends so they can also get ideas from the ones we shared above.

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