15 Beautifully-created Black And White Website Portfolios

Your prospective clients can only evaluate your skills through your portfolio. If they don’t like your projects the first time they see them, you won’t get their “yes”. Therefore, it’s just imperative to build beautiful web design portfolio that increases your chances of finding lucrative projects that can get you more work and money.

You need to make sure that your own site shows your personality. It must be easy to navigate around in a way that they can quickly find your contact information. In this way, it’ll be clear for them what type of services you can offer.

If you want to go for a classy look for your site, then you might want to consider the black and white style.

Here’s a list of enticing web design portfolios that utilize black and white style. You can use this list as a guide to help you create your own beautiful portfolio.

1. Gunner Design House

Gunnder Design

The home page doesn’t have unnecessary posts that can take away your attention. Instead, the designer decides to put a clear logo at the bottom right corner of his site. His way of capturing his visitors’ attention is unique. His visitors will be curious about what he does and click on the links he provided. From there, they can browse his previous projects. His contact details are presented in a clear manner.

2. Alastaire Allday

Alastaire Allday

At his home page, Alasatire managed to provide a clean design that can help his clients quickly see who he is and what he does. The description is very short but it clearly describes the value he can give to his potential clients/visitors. His site isn’t only clean but it’s also easy to navigate. A link to his previous projects is provided on his home page. In here, you can see how the navigation style is kept simple.

3. Leah Haggar

Leah Haggar

Her portfolio is super easy to navigate. It’s simple but with style. Her contact information can be quickly located by prospected clients making it easier for them to contact her, thereby, increasing her chances of getting projects and paid. After all, it’s the ultimate point of creating a portfolio. The presentation of her previous projects was well laid-out. She avoided showing everything but only the best projects that she made.

4. Lattrapereve Gallerie

Lattrapereve Gallerie

Their artistic designs will instantly impress and tickle the interest of his prospective clients.

5. Fitzroy & Finn

Fitzroy & Finn

Do you want to see the previous work of Fitzroy & Finn? Their homepage presents their past projects with other brands. The images were presented in thumbnails but when you click on the images you’ll be directed to a page where you can see high-quality images. They’ve also provided a short description of each project they’ve made.

6. First Palatoon

 First Palatoon

7. Carlos Molina

Carlos Molina

Carlos Molina’s portfolio is one of the best black and white I’ve ever seen. What I love the most is it’s contact form on the footer.

8. Steve Angello

Steve Angello

9. Dreams Doodle

Dreams Doodle

10. Flatmate


11. Eduardo Nunes

Eduardo Nunes

12. UW Design 2012

UW Design

13. Just Smith

Just Smith

14. Lunch and Recess

Lunch and Recess

15. Dassel Und Wagner

Dassel Und Wagner

The best things about these portfolio websites is that the owners embraced minimalism instead of providing their clients unnecessary details that may cause them to leave their sites. If you’re thinking of redesigning your own portfolio, you might want to consider these designs. Don’t copy them but make them an inspiration. You just have to do so something like these. Remember, you need to be different in order to stand out.

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