32 Creative Types Of Blog Posts You Can Write About

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Out of ideas?


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You’re looking for another way to make your blog even more interesting.

You can do that by diversifying the type of posts you publish.

It’s a fantastic way to spice up your blog and to avoid your readers from getting bored with your repetitive formatting.

This will also prevent you from feeling burnt out and thus, keep you to stay motivated over the long term.

Alright, ready?

Here are some awesome types of blog posts you can use to keep your groove on!

32 Type Of Blog Posts You Can Write About

1. How-to: Tutorials

How-to blog is one of the most helpful type of posts. Its focus is on providing specific steps and information on how to do, attain, or achieve something. Using videos and images are great aids to make your HOW-TO post more effective.

How To Posts @ twelveskip.com

2. Controversial

Controversial posts can easily draw people’s attention because everyone has their own opinion about something. But you need to have enough courage to post such post as this may elicit strong feelings from readers. Never really had the nerve to post this kind of post, but one day!

Resource: Controversial Blog Posts: How to Make them Work (external link)

3. Problem-Solution

You will present a problem and will suggest a solution. For example, you present a problem about pests. You can explore the different ways to control pests by calling the experts, cleaning the house, eliminating breeding areas and many others.

4. Photos

Showcase a set of travel photos, DIY crafts, amazing photography or anything you want to share with your audience! If you’re a graphic artist, you can also post artworks, designs and other creative masterpieces that will surely ‘wow’ your audience.

5. Roundups

Also known as countdowns, these are usually seen in year-end posts, or sometimes, just to sum up great things in one post (i.e. “10 best blog designs of 2013” or “10 best restaurants in the world”).

RoundUp Posts @ twelveskip.com

6. Report

If you’ve been to a certain event, you can report about the things that happened there, share photos, and show your experience through a blog post.

7. Challenges

Blogging challenges, including photo blogging challenges and successive weekly/daily blogging, help you take blogging to the edge.

8. Cheat Sheet

For extra attention, you can also write a cheatsheet for a particular topic. E.g. “HTML Cheat Sheet”, The Gluten-Free Diet Cheat-Sheet”, “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Social Media Image Sizes”, etc. You can also post some ‘daily life hacks’ that will leave your audience in awe.

9. Video

Since many people prefer watching in live-action rather than reading lengthy articles, video posts are definitely great things to blog about. Take a look at this example:

Video Post - Michelle Phan

10. Profile / Biography

This is like an autobiography which focuses on writing about a person, in most cases, important and influential people. The blog is about the person’s background, accomplishments, special abilities, and what makes that person different to others.

11. Review Blog

This seeks to help other people about a certain product or service. If you’ve recently bought a gadget, appliance, book, and others, you can review and write about them.

12. Case Studies

This one is about something or a ‘case’. It’s usually a step-by-step study and will explain why a particular research has arrived with that conclusion.

13. Memes

Splash some Internet pop culture and humor on your blog by posting memes that will make them laugh out loud.

Meme Post @ twelveskip.com

14. Favorites

You can also roundup a set of favorite blog posts, products and other content, and write how much they’ve influenced you and how useful they are. It can be weekly or monthly.

15. What-if

This is the most interesting blog post that you can create as people are always curious. You can find something that already existed and ask what if that something never existed. Blogs like this nature is very engaging.

16. Giveaway

Boost your audience impact by giving away freebies, such as free themes, design packs, software plugins and other miscellaneous bonuses.

17. Questions

Asking questions interest readers especially if what you ask personally affect them. Choose a question to tackle and then present specific answers.

18. Current News and Events

This blog post focuses on current events and news. It’s time sensitive and as a news writer, you need to be up-to-date and always in touch with the fresh developments. This type of post is only short and doesn’t really endure as an evergreen content.

19. Comparison

This type of post seeks to compare two or more choices. Most of the time, pros and cons are presented to better weigh each option. One good example of this is two mobile phones being compared side by side.

Video Post - Michelle Phan

20. Lists

This may be one of the most interesting blog posts you can write about. It’s a fantastic way to grab people’s attention because of its easy-to-read format. You can do.. “10 Top Blogging Tools”, “20 Top Social Media Gurus You Should Follow”, “25 Blogs To Inspire You This 2014”, etc.

 Lists Posts @ twelveskip.com

21. Behind The Scene

You can also write about your blogging workplace, environment, team members, or you can do interviews of other people in different fields, such as bands, graphic artists, models, etc.

22. Research

This one focuses on your research about something. For example, you’re researching about the best internet marketing strategies. You need to show facts and not just opinion to support you claim.

23. Stories

Everyone has their own story to tell and so do you. Stories have a powerful impact on readers. Effective stories have to do with interesting subjects and writing it in such a way people will be drawn to it.

24. Definition Post

This is basically what Wikipedia is doing. You will take a certain term, topic, or subject to talk about and lay it out in a very rich and informative way. It’s important that you write it in a simple-to-understand manner.

25. Inspiration

People are constantly looking for inspirations or motivational posts to help get their groove on. You can craft a story that can easily inspire people. It can also be done through the used of words and combining them in such a way that it can elicit motivation and fresh will power.

26. Useful Link List

Almost the same with list blog but the blogger will have to read different sources and list them. This is very beneficial for bloggers since it promotes writers. With this blog, you can create useful backlinks.


Highlighting the famous words of a celebrity, politician or any influential figure, people love to check out inspiring quotes that could brighten up their day.

Quote Posts @ twelveskip.com

28. Parody Post

With this type of post, you need to find a publication and talk about it in a different way. For instance, you can re-write a publication titled ’10 Ways to Write a Blog Post’ as ‘Why Right a Blog Post when there are already Millions of them’.

29. eBook

If you already had written many blogs about a particular subject, you can compile them together to create an eBook. In fact, creating an eBook brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

30. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

There are a lot of questions flying around in the world. You can catch one of these and answer it. People will gladly like or comment on your blog. Just make sure that your answer is factual and not misleading.

31. Timeline

This might be more of a history that spans hundreds of years or it can be a timeline of recent developments. Timeline can be very useful for people who want to seek information about something. You can focus your timeline to a particular company, world history, personality, events, and many others.

32. Interview

You can look for people who are worth being interviewed. You don’t have to look for hard to reach people since you can also interview ordinary people who have accomplished something extraordinary.

These are just some of the types of blogs that you can write about and I hope one of these items help you sparked an idea.

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