blogger outreach: how to get influencers to generate more traffic

You are anxious.

Because your blog has been lying in the hospital suffering from a life threatening disease for a long time…

Blogger Outreach: How To Get Influencers To Get More Traffic


When doctor Google Analytics arrives, he gives you the bad news…

Your blog`s health condition is still going downhill.

It`s just a matter of time, before the traffic stops…

and your blog can rest in peace.

You are really ANGRY with yourself.

Because you KNOW you could have done something sooner.

The situation could have been avoided…

…if you hadn`t been so AFRAID to contact influencers.

Can you relate?

It`s okay. We have all been there.

Relax, I got your back.

Let me introduce you to blogger outreach: how to get influencers to get more traffic.

How contacting influencers actually works

Imagine that the influencer is your new neighbor (which happened to be a celebrity) and you want to get to know him or her.

There are 5 effective ways to get to know your neighbor, but you need to know HOW and WHEN to use them.

Because you DON`T want to create an awkward situation, ruin the first impression, or even WORSE…

making your neighbor think that you are some weird stalker that will be peeking into his / her bedroom window late at night…

Okay, here`s the quick overview:

  • Social Media Message: A passing hello
  • Share a post: Giving a compliment
  • Email: A quick phone call
  • Comment: Knocking on the door
  • Guest post: I can watch your kids
  • Include them in your post: You invite him / her to your birthday party
  • Include them in your guest post: You arrange his / her birthday party

Well it`s should be obvious, but I will say it anyway.

WHEN you include an influencer in your blog post or on a guest post, for the LOVE of your blog, do LET THEM KNOW that you did.

The key is to GIVE FIRST and expect nothing in return.

And you might be thinking, “Okay, Tor I get it. But HOW do I apply it in real life?”

That`s a good question.

High five to you! *SLAP*

Let me show you…

10 examples how I reached out to influencers

Example #1:

Scott Eddy from Mr Scott Eddy:

Since I have already written a post about how I got to know successful serial entrepreneur, travel king and Twitter influencers, Scott Eddy, on Healthy Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it here.

Example #2:

Jaime Tardy from Eventual Millionaire:

I knew from an interview Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs Journey had done with Jaime, that she was really into UFC. And So was I. Why not lead with that?

Jaime replied and followed me back:

Then I gave her some value:

She said yes to contribute to my HUGE roundup post, 80 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy Experts, which won the “MOST EPIC” category on Jon Morrow`s blog BoostBlogTraffic.

Needless to say, Pauline is also included in that epic post.

Example #3:

Andrea from The Branded Solopreneur:

I shared a post on Twitter:

Then I wrote her about page, and gave her a compliment:

I asked her some question and connected some more:

Then I suggested that we could connect on email:

She also joined my massive roundup post, and she has invited me to join two roundup posts.

In addition, I`m in her mastermind group with two other awesome bloggers, Sue Anne Dunlevie and Daniela Uslan.

Example #4:

Carol Amato from Carol Amato:

I shared a post on Twitter:

Then I included her in a post, What Do You Get If You Mix, Yaro Starak, Sue Anne Dunlevie And Triberr? where I was giving praise to my new blogging friends on my birthday.

Then I have commented several times on her website and she has done the same on my website.

She also contributed to my big roundup post.

And later she invited me to join one of her roundup posts.

Example #5:

Don Purdum from Unveil The Web

I included Don in my post, How I Almost Got Killed By Fake Experts, And Which 33 Experts You Should Follow.

I asked Don to share and comment on my guest post on Evan Carmichael`s blog.

I wrote a HUGE comment on Don`s great guest post at SEMrush.

Note: I learned this commenting technique by Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise (he is a commenting machine).

I have shared several of Don`s posts and he has done the same for me.

Example #6:

Adrienne Smith from Adrienne Smith:

I have included Adrienne in several of my posts on my website.

I have commented on her blog and she has commented on mine.

I have asked her to share and comment on a guest post I wrote for Skip Prichard, and she did.

Example #7:

Brian Dean from Backlinko:

I was invited by Sue Anne Dunlevie to join a case study she was going to do with one of her students for Brian Dean.

I reached out to him:

When my social squeeze page went live, How To Get 182,5 Hours More Per Year, he promoted it.

I recently included him in a monster roundup I was included in on Ahrefs. Then I let him know:

And he liked it.

Example #8:

Sarah Peterson from Unsettle:

We initially met on Jon Morrow`s private blogging group – Serious Bloggers Only. I then commented on many of her guest posts.

I asked her so share a my post, and she did:

I have been sharing her posts.

I included her in my big roundup post.

She interviewed me for her podcast (not published yet).

Example #9:

Jenna Dalton from Jenna Dalton:

I included her in my big roundup post.

She shared it.

I sent her a long email giving her praise for an awesome blog post on her website.

She liked it.

I shared her blog post

I asked her to share and comment on a guest post I wrote for Joel Brown`s blog Addicted 2 Success.

And she did.

Then I replied with a long answer.

Note: I learned to give great replies to comments on my guest posts by Kevin Duncan from Be A Better Blogger.

Example #10:

Evan Carmichael from Evan Carmichael:

Step 1. Sharing a post on Twitter

Step 2. Engaging on Twitter

Okay, now I knew that I got his attention. Then I read a bit about him on his website, so I could craft a GOOD QUESTION that made ME stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Evan replied:

A few days later, I wanted to remind him about the video reply, but I didn`t want to nag.

So what did I do?

I got to be honest and admit that I was REALLY impressed that Evan followed through on the video reply. He is super busy and he certainly over-delivered.

A big thanks was due:

Step 3. Joined Evan`s Twitter chat

Before attending, I wanted him to know that I WAS going to attend:

Being polite is important. So it`s natural of me to thank for him favoring my tweet.

Then I joined the Twitter Chat and I gave some amazing value for about 60 minutes, just so I would be put on Evan`s radar.

Fast forwarding a bit…

Did this take a lot of time?


Was it worth it?

Judge for yourself…

1. I got invited to create a testimonial video for him (which would put my name out there)

2. Became a contributor for his website and wrote a guest post

3. He tweeted to his 207 000 followers that I was awesome, and I got a lot of new followers.

4. He interviewed me on his radio show to that was broadcasted to 583 stations across America.

5. If I ask him to share a great article I`ve written that is suitable for his audience, he shares it.

6. He read through my eBook “Insane Productivity Hacks” and wrote a testimonial.

Did you notice all the influencers I was including in this post?

Do you think that I will be contacting them and asking them to share this post?
You bet!

This post is a great example on how I did a guest post mentioning other influencers, bringing VALUE to the post, giving THEM some promotion, and then asking them nicely to promote the article.

That is blogger outreach 101!

Standing out from the crowd requires a lot of HARD work.

Well, when a guy from Norway who has English as his third language can do this…

then so CAN YOU!

Stop making excuses.

Get outside your comfort zone and start to create genuine connections with influencers.

NOW is the time to put in the hard work, so you can get MORE TRAFFIC and SAVE your blog.

Here`s what to do next..

What`s your experience with getting to know influencers?

Comment below and share your wisdom with the awesome TwelveSkip readers.

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