Blogging: A Waste Of Time Or The Right Career?

So you want to your blog into a career..

There are but millions and millions of blogging sites already, but that does not absolutely equate to the number of real bloggers and writers who are trying to sell their services or products online.

In fact, aside from the actual number of bloggers across the globe, millions are also planning to set their own blogs real soon.

These individuals are non-dependent on age, race, gender, and even interest as limiting factors. If the major CMS (content management systems) platforms are offered for free, then why shouldn’t an interested individual bite, right?

Arguably, that may be right since it is an open opportunity for one to gain fame, training and experience, and of course, money. However, let us also face the fact that on one side there are self-made millionaires out of being bloggers, the other side is comprised of a real large fraction of that blogging population who failed dramatically—and worse, wasted a precious amount of time of their life.

The latter is that which we do not want to happen to anyone… to you. Indeed, with the obvious growth of the blogging industry, opportunities are but endless for everyone to be really enticed. Blogging itself has a very long list of advantages and benefits, more if you are trying to sell something or you are offering something. Not only does blogging open a door for you to be an inch more creative and hence be expressive, it also gives an extra dimension of your self-image that can improve or worsen your future life.

The Major Factor to Failure in Blogging

Yes, you might be doing it right. You might already be enjoying prosperous interactions with your followers and fans. You might already be harvesting large amount of traffic.

The question is: do you think that you are right in the first place?

Blogging is absolutely wrong if you are trying to seek it for itself. Blogging, by all means, must be comprehended and therefore must be used as a means—as a tool, as a method, as a medium, or as a channel—in all of the ways you could imagine. Being a medium, it is then a prerequisite that you have a bigger goal than simply the goal of setting up a blog online. If you don’t have a bigger goal than the latter, then you are absolutely wasting your time.

Here’s how it works: if you have a goal—let’s say, selling an e-book, then looking for likers and fans and even customers will all be rooted on a valid reason.

People go to search engines, read newspapers, and get to classified ads because they need something or they want something whether it be a product, knowledge, a piece of information, a service, or simply a hobby. Your blog, hence, can be a probable response.

However, if your blog is simply a blog without any set direction, then you are simply wasting digital space and data bandwidth. Ask these yourself..If your blog is but senseless or pointless..

  • Why would someone even bother looking for you?
  • What will they get from you?
  • Are they that interested with the way you grocer for your fridge back at home?
  • Will they love to hear if you have a new pet?
  • Will they enjoy hearing that you got a brand new set of crayons?

Many bloggers fail because their blogs are pointless. While you may argue here that possibly they have a goal which is to get an online presence and even to make money, I would respond by saying that absolutely no one gets rich by doing pointless blogs alone.

Blogging is not an end in itself and must be used to attain something. If blogging is your passion, you better start thinking of how you can put that passion into service; if you have nothing to blog about, you can seek for a client who are in need of blog managers or content writers. Now your blogging will have its valid sense of purpose.

The Myth: Blogging – A Waste of Time?

Based on the principles I argued above, you’ll learn that blogging only becomes a waste of time and resources if you are seeking it for itself or if you have really nothing to offer.

If you are not selling anything, if you are not giving away anything, if you are not teaching anything, if you are sharing anything that would seem beneficial to others, then you are absolutely wasting your time blogging.

Let’s say also that you have a business, and right, you are now to start a blog. If your blog has nothing to do with your business and if the content of your blog do not lead your visitors to knowing your business more, then it’s a waste of time.

The value of blogging is not measured by the number of visitors or page views or even being on the first place on search engines; these are all numerical measures that let you know if you need to improve or maintain something.

Moreover, if you base your blogging on these measures, it would be discouraging especially during the initial phase where only a few people are trying hard to know and reach you. The real value of blogging comes from being on service: what you offer—no matter what form it takes—is what makes your blog worth blogging.

Blogging as a Career?

Even if you do not have a product or real professional service to offer as a reason for blogging, I want to make it clear that you can still make blogging as a career. As I said a while ago, if blogging is your passion, you can always find a place for it to work at its best. Look for a client who are in need of such enthusiasm and skills. If you are good in writing, you might enjoy the pleasure of making contents for the blogs of others—all while you are getting paid as well! You’ll know if blogging is really good for you as a career option if:

  • You have a clear knowledge of your interests, passions, likes and dislikes;
  • You love talking about what you love and even keep telling stories about them;
  • Your interests drive you into learning more about them. If you love painting, you are always fancied by the works of others and even by related stories, news, and biographies;
  • You have the real luxury of time knowing that blogging would really take a good amount of time and persistence;
  • You just love writing. If you don’t feel good with your writing skills, you are willing to hire interested individuals to do the happy job;
  • Lastly, you see yourself doing blogs even after five or ten years.

Contrariwise, you should know that you would be a wasted blogger if:

  • You just do not know what are your likes and dislikes. You do not even know what your passion is;
  • You just need money and you do not know where to get it;
  • You want your friends and family to be proud of you by them seeing you through your online presence;
  • Your potential interests, e.g., laptops, do not really motivate you to read news or updates about them. Playing games or strolling on malls motivates you more;
  • You cannot and do not post quality contents at least regularly;
  • You are burdened by the ‘chores’ of writing, optimizing contents, and even researching;
  • You are irritated by not having enough visitors, not earning enough, and hence, disturbed by the thought of always wanting to start a new blog, a new design, or a new niche;
  • You are not willing to go the extra mile, and you feel like some interested writers will take your place;
  • Lastly, you are considering blogging as a step to a bigger, irrelevant career in the future.


Blogging can be really terrific if you have a goal and if it is your passion. If you use blogging as an effective tool to making your day satisfactory and enjoyable, then it would be really effective. It only is a waste of time if you are using it for something else outside of being of service to others. To be a blogger is also an interesting choice as a professional career. You’ll know for yourself if blogging is really your passion, and by simply adhering to this joy of yours, doors of opportunities will swarm to you because of what you have and what you can do.

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