10 Sleek Blue Web Designs For Your Inspiration

Before you study the list of 10 brilliantly-created web designs, you might want to know the reasons most of the popular sites use the color blue as the dominant color. It’s because blue stands for clarity, efficiency and simplicity.

PayPal, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Sears, eHow, and other popular sites are using blue web designs.

Most sites related to finance, healthcare, airlines, social networking and political parties utilize blue. It’s also more preferable than those of artificial ones as it forms three primary colors, namely red and green. Even (most) clients prefer this color than any other colors available. This is also the only color that stays its own character, i.e. it remains blue even if it’s darkened or diluted.

But blue has various shades and 55 of them are being used in web design. Electric indigo, Eton blue, Duke blue, Celeste, and Bondi blue are just some of the shades you can try on your website.

Listed below are 10 of the gorgeous sites that utilize blue as their dominant color.



This interface design studio knows how to utilize the color blue in its website. The right shade of blue is used to attract both men and women of all ages. Perhaps, its web designer chose this shade to suggest that the company is reliable and dependable.

2. Tomas Pojecta


It’s a portfolio of Tomas Pojeta, who’s a graphic artist from Czech. Even if you don’t understand the Czech language, you’ll still be able to appreciate the website itself. The different shades of blue have calming and cooling characteristics.

3. Legacy Locker


What better way to tell your clients that you’re dependable and reliable is to use the color blue in your website and Legacy Locker used it to make their visitors feel that they’re not only trustworthy but they’re also dependable.

4. Barack Obama


Even the president of the US’s website used blue web design to convey authority and professionalism. The deep royal blue background also conveys not just superiority but also richness. The white background provides the site a clean look that symbolizes integrity and expertise.

5. Residence Hotel Paradiso – Family & Sport Hotel


This Italian hotel and resort is a perfect example of what paradise is. And the almost-paradise services of this company are reflected in its web design. The shades of blue here offer a sense of calmness and serenity. By adding those beautiful photos, you’ll surely find peace and tranquility just by visiting or looking at the site.

6. Eric Campbell


It uses medium to dark shades of blue to offer the site a sleek, clean appearance. Eric is a designer so he knows how to showcase his creativity and cleanliness into his own website. The shades of blue increase the effectiveness of his portfolio as they surely catch the attention of visitors.

7. Knoxville Leadership Foundation


Blue symbolizes leadership. And the shades of blue in Knoxville Leadership Foundation website convey the message of the organization – “it’s all about strong community that addresses the needs of the city.”

8. Talker


No, it’s not Twitter. But the design has similarities to the said social networking site. The blue color here offers a sense of being delicate and unique. Although its services aren’t new, it’s quite different from other chat software as it allows you to upload and share bigger files.

9. Skype


Skype is worthy to be mentioned here. The blue and white colors are so rich yet so cool. The dark blue color represents the credibility and intellect of the site followed by the warmth and power that the company holds in the IT industry.

10. Fresh Not Canned


Although aqua is a tone of cyan, it’s considered another shade of blue. It gives you the feeling of freshness, which is what the site is all about – “fresh and not canned.”

Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites that utilize blue web designs weren’t mentioned here because these top 10 defeated them in terms of the overall coolness of blue used in their web designs.

The color blue is undoubtedly a cool color. You can easily use different shades of blue and your website will still look great. But make sure that not to overemphasize blue. Try mixing it with other colors, like white, green and orange. The main goal here is to attract your visitors’ attention.

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