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So have you been considering going with BlueHost? But not sure if it’s really for you?

You’re quite hesitant to go with them because you’re unsure of their performance? Okay, let’s see.

Let me tell you some background about them: BlueHost is one of the names that has been in the industry for several years now. Operating since 1996, the company has amassed a ton of following.

They’re one of the leading providers of shared, VPS, WordPress, reseller and dedicated hosting. Over 1 million folks around the world trust them to host their websites.

I’ve seen a lot of great reviews about them, even WordPress (official) itself recommend BlueHost.

To be honest, they provide the most awesome customer service. That’s what I love the most about them.

I’ve worked with several web hosts over the years – some of them are alright, some of them sucks but BlueHost provides an outstanding support system.

It’s one of the main reasons why I keep recommending them (well besides being a reliable host).

There are tons of self-help options for basic inquiries and it is also quite easy to reach out to the company should you need assistance. There’s also a 24/7 live chat feature for those who have urgent requests or are not fond of raising tickets.

Even though I admit that sometimes it takes some time to get a hold of them (around 15-20min, usually during the mornings – but hey they’re actually faster than the other web hosts I’ve worked with), they can actually solve problems and they won’t stop until they find a solution for your problem.

Another thing I’ve noticed is, they are specific when it comes to giving instructions (that means they actually know what they’re doing).

In my own opinion, BlueHost is great for those who are starting out especially those who do not have any technical background about building or running a website.

They have features that are very easy to use. One example is their one-click website builder – all you have to do is click and fill up the forms to get a website up!

No coding. No programming. You don’t have to worry about learning or understanding those jargons.

Okay, enough about my opinion… now let’s see what other BlueHost users have to say. Read on for BlueHost reviews:

Review By Jenna Brussee

www.asavoryfeast.com – a food blogger who loves creating new recipes! Blogging has become a passion of her and she loves putting together posts, working with other bloggers and learning new skills.

Mommy Pehpot

1. Plan: I have a shared hosting plan for one domain.

2. Age of Usage: I started with BlueHost when I created my blog almost one year ago.

3. Traffic Per Month: 10,000+ pageviews

4. Previous Host: I used GoDaddy several years ago when I had a photography business. My experience with their customer service and setting up the website was about the same as BlueHost. I can’t really compare how well the service worked because my photography business was local so the site didn’t get much traffic as compared to my current blog.

The Review

Uptime 10/10

I would rate this a 10. I have never experienced any unexplained downtime or issues with reliability. Any time they were going to be doing server maintenance and had scheduled downtime, they gave me plenty of notice and they did it during the middle of the night. I never experienced any problems due to the scheduled downtime for maintenance.

Features 8/10

I would rate this an 8. BlueHost has a lot of features to help with starting and maintaining a website. One of my favorites was their WordPress Install. When I set up my account with them, I was able to easily install WordPress on my site and get started setting up my website. They also offer email, anti-spam software and more.

Price 9/10

I would rate this a 9. I did research to find the best price for what I needed and decided to go with BlueHost. There are several other hosting services that have similar pricing, but I had heard good things about BlueHost, and I liked the features they offered. I paid $5.95 a month the first year. This year it was going to go up to $11.95 a month, but I called and found out I had an account that gave me unlimited domains, which I didn’t need. I went down to a one-domain account and it is $5.95 again.

Customer Service 10/10

Their customer service is what has impressed me the most about BlueHost! It is very easy to get ahold of them through a phone call, email, or live chat. I just called them today and was connected with a real person in under a minute. Several months ago I was having issues with my site being very slow. I called them to see if there was anything that could be improved on their end. The customer service representative I talked to was very helpful and sent me an article that had several things that I could try to speed up my site. I was able to figure out the issue and my site’s speed is much improved now.

Security 8/10

I would rate this an 8. BlueHost does have a SiteLock Security option that you can pay extra for. However, I use a WordPress plugin for security and have never had an issue.

Overall Experience

Overall I think that BlueHost is an excellent hosting option. I like that they have options available to me when my traffic exceeds what my current plan can handle. They offer dedicated IP, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers. Right now I am happy with the shared plan, but it is reassuring to know I can upgrade without switching hosts if I have the need.

Review By Mommy Pehpot

www.pehpot.com – a super mommy to 4 kids and blogger extraordinaire to many

Mommy Pehpot

1. Plan:
Currently, my plan is Plus Web Hosting Plan that includes unlimited website, unlimited website space and one domain. The plan also includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited parked domain and also $200 worth marketing offers. I paid $142.20 for this plan 2 years ago, it was on sale for $3.95 per month and must buy a 3 year long plan. When I checked today how much this hosting plan is, it is normally $9.99 per month.

2. Years of Usage:

I have been with Bluehost for 4 years now. I bought my first plan in 2010, renewed in 2011 and bought a new account in 2012. Why did I nought a new account? It was on sale! If it was not on sale, I’ll just renew my pold account.

3. Traffic Per Month: My main blog, which is a mommy blog, gets 700-1000 views daily. My other blogs gets 100-300 total.

The Review

Reliability 10/10

I will give them a perfect 10. I experienced a few downtimes with them but they were very very short that it never really bothers me at all.

Features 9/10

For a simple blogger like me, I can say all the things I need to start a blog is already there. I give Bluehost hosting plan feautres a rating of 9. . I really love how I can easily install WordPress since it is already on my Cpanel. The best Bluehost feauture for me is FTP access. When I transferred my blogs to a new Bluehost account, I used this service the most. I wish I can give them a 10 since I really love them but I am not familiar with any other features that should be included in a hosting account.

Price 9.5/10

For the price I paid 2 years ago, yes! That’s the most affordable web hosting plan you can encounter. With their reliability, $142.20 is a steal! With the current price now, I still think that their price is just right. For $9.99 a month hosting with unlimited number of websites and bandwithd, I’d give them 9.5.

Technical Support 7/10

The technical support is good. They do respond to my queries and assist me in what I need but I have to wait. Waiting is not my cup of tea. Sometimes I have to wait 30 minutes before a representative can assist me. And for that, I give them a rating of 7.

There was also a time where in they blacklisted my IP. Imagine my horror when I can’t even access my blog because my internet service provider IP is blocked by Bluehost! I have to contact support to whitelist the IP and since the IP is not dedicated, everytime my provider assigned a new IP to me, I have to contact Blueshot again. That’s a good thingh when it comes to security, right? And because of that, my rating for them for security is 10.

If there is something that is worth mentioning about Bluehost, it is their interface. It user friendly and easy to navigate.

Overall Experience 9/10

Overall, I will give them a rating of 9 out of 10. I have been with Bluehost for a long time already and I have no plans of changing my host anytime soon (or even next year when my plan expires).

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