how-to: bookmark posts privately in google plus

Bookmarks are available everywhere—from your actual hard-cover textbook to your favorite e-book reading app to your preferred web browser. But don’t you know you can also create bookmarks inside Google+?

That thing said, you may immediately argue that there’s no really such thing in Google+; if you love a post, you simply hit the ‘+1,’ and that’s it. But here’s why I love to share with you this trick. This isn’t really a bookmark feature as you’d expect, but you can create or simulate a bookmarking feature inside this social network.

I learned this wonderful trick from Gizmodo, and I thought it can be very useful for you as well. Take a look at these easy steps and let me know what you think!

  1. In your Home stream, click the “Home” drop down arrow at the top left side then select “People”.
  2. Click “Your Circles” tab.
  3. At the very bottom of your screen, click the “+” to create a new circle
  4. Add a name to the circle then click create “Empty Circle” button. I’d name mine as “Favorite Posts”.
  5. Now when you share a post you love, send it to the private “empty circle” you’ve just created instead of public. See screenshot below and see how I send it to “Favorite Posts” instead to the “public”:

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