how to boost your google adsense revenue

Do you want to increase your Google AdSense Earnings?

I’m sure all of us do.

While this is a very common goal for most us, it’s definitely not an easy task.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider.

You may even constantly change strategy to convert your traffic into dollar signs.

For this reason, let me share with you some of the most effective and proven strategies to increase your Google AdSense earnings. Check them out!

1.Increase your website traffic

Obviously, you need people visiting your website to increase your AdSense. As a matter of fact, Google will check the volume of your traffic before accepting you to their advertisement program. Much has been said about increasing traffic so, I’d just give you some quick tips on how to increase your traffic.

  • Create helpful content
  • Regularly update your website
  • Use social media to promote your website
  • Make it easy for your readers to share your content through social media buttons
  • Perform guest blogging
  • Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques
  • Try paid advertisement
  • Build your email list
  • Use attention-grabbing headlines
  • Engage readers

2. Control the type of ads shown on your page

Google AdSense gives you the option to select what type of ads that should be displayed on your website. This is highly important for publishers like you. There are some ads that can potentially destroy your reputation. For example, you are writing about healthy lifestyle but the ads being shown is about junk food. I’m sure you don’t want that.

Instead, you want to ensure that the displayed ads should be at least non-contradictory to your content and the ads should be relevant. There is a higher chance for readers to click an ad if it interests them or the ads are relevant to your topic.

3. Abide by the rules of AdSense

While it might be tempting to go against the rules of AdSense, you really don’t want to take a risk. People in Google are totally smart. They can detect any fishy shenanigans that are happening in your website. If you go against AdSense rules, detrimental penalties await you. Not only it’ll decrease your revenue, it can potentially and permanently disqualify you for the advertisement program.

4. Decide how many ads to display and where to place them

This can be a little bit tricky. There are a lot of opinions out there that talks about this topic. However, as a general rule, you should display a maximum of three ads and place them at the sidebar, on top, or in-between your content.

You need to make sure that your ads will seamlessly blend into your content. Too many ads may make you look greedy and unprofessional. Ads should be placed on your website with as little distraction as possible.

5. Change the appearance of your ads

To further improve the look of your website, you should change the color of your ads. This should be done in such a way that your ads’ color will match the palette of your website. When done properly, your website will remain professional-looking even with the addition of ads.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment

There are a lot of ways to increase your earnings and I’m sure that as you go along, you’ll discover new techniques. Earning from Google AdSense can be a life-long learning but the rewards are really sweet.

For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. There are times when you have to test how each ad perform within your website. You need to identify the best placement, number, color, size, shape, and appearance of the ads. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this manually as there are available programs that you can use to do this.

7. Make your website responsive

Undeniably, people don’t just access the Internet through their desktop computers. That’s long gone now as a greater percentage of people are accessing the web through their mobile devices. So if your website isn’t responsive yet, then you are missing a whole new opportunity. You need to ask your web designer to design your website in such a way that it’s mobile-friendly. Most importantly, you need to check out how your ads are being shown on mobile devices.

8. Get to know the AdSense Reporting feature

You need to have the right knowledge and understanding to ensure you are optimizing your earnings. This involves getting familiar with the AdSense Reporting. Thankfully, AdSense allows its publishers to access extremely detailed and comprehensive reporting interface. If you’re able to understand the data and what it means to the success of your website, then you will also know how to fix problems and improve performance.

9. Get inspiration from other websites

There are thousands of popular websites out there that use Google AdSense to earn. Sometimes, the best way to succeed in Google AdSense is to study the already successful websites. You can visit their websites and take note how they place their ads. Take note how the ads are being displayed in terms of position, size, color, and number.

To help you get the right inspiration, here are some of the best websites that you should visit and study their ad placement.

  • eHow
  • Chicago Tribune
  • WikiHow

10. Seek expert advice

Like what I said, it’s very rare to find people who have gained success overnight in their Google AdSense program. Definitely, it is a learning experience. It takes time. Sometimes, you need to learn how to increase you Google AdSense earnings through learning from the experts. You don’t have to experiment your way to success.

There’s a shortcut and that is to read as many resources as possible. You can also join forums where AdSense earners are coming together. There are also social media groups in Facebook and Google Plus that are mainly dedicated to discussing Google AdSense strategies.

Final Words

These are just some of the best ways to increase your Google AdSense Earning. With the right knowledge and help, I’m sure anyone can succeed in Google AdSense. Just keep learning and don’t give up, you’ll eventually get there!

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