10+ Best Branding Consulting Companies in Toronto

Perhaps for companies with branding already yet not living up to its promise, this may be the perfect time to go work with a branding consulting company. As true experts in the industry can help you as a start-up business or a brand that’s been left out in the past. Never fear the future because these 10+ Best Branding Consulting Companies in Toronto are all more than happy to help you. They can help you to also leave an impact in today’s saturated market.

10+ Best Branding Consulting Companies in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up - Web Design Interior Designers

For branding and marketing help, Brand Glow Up is one of Toronto’s finest. They have an impressive track record which was praised by their previous clients whom they help scale their businesses. At the same time, they can also help you not only with branding but also adapt this into a more cohesive execution. By that, they can help you implement this on your website and social media pages, product packaging, and more.

2. Major Tom

Major Tom aims to make things seamless by ensuring clarity in planning. Doing so can allow us to focus on what we want to achieve and set a clear action plan. At the same time, this can help those who are planning to revamp their brands and create cohesive strategies. Not only that, they also ensure that all are data-driven which allows it to be measurable in the long run.

3. Strategic Objectives

strategic objectives branding

One of the best branding consulting agencies in Toronto, Strategic Objectives has been in the business for many years already. Their impressive track record just proves how committed they are to helping brands of today excel. Moreover, they offer full-service marketing solutions which can help brands improve their presence online and offline too.

4. Brand Vision

More than aesthetics, Brand Vision places value on the story behind a brand. They understand that a business’ core is branding so they strive to come up with a fitting branding for their clients.  Their recommendations are rooted in business objectives, culture, and target audience. After all, a brand should speak to its audience best.

5. Rayvn

rayvn Branding Consulting Companies

Finding strength in extraordinary, Rayvn is a small branding company in Toronto that works directly with founders in crafting their brand. Definitely hands-on, they pay attention to the business vision and how they intend to connect with their customer. With that in mind, they are able to recommend branding aspects to touch on and adapt into packaging, content, and more.

6. Edkent Media

Edkent Media is another branding company you can check out. Not just that, they also offer helpful marketing solutions to scale up your business and increase brand awareness too. Furthermore, they also have reputation services to help tap more people in the virtual and offline space. They also extend a free 30-minutes strategy call you can explore.

7. DDB

DDB Branding Consulting Companies

Helping you with your branding problems, DDB got your back. They hold creativity as their primary focus in all their projects which ensures that clients get unexpected branding recommendations that help the business leave an impact on its audience. Not only that, but they also put a value on people so collaboration during the planning is preferable. This can help them get to know the vision you have best and align their strategies towards that.

8. Clean Sheet

Clean Sheet Communications is one of the best branding consulting companies in Toronto. They have been in the industry since 2005 and it’s not surprising how much they grew from then. Delivering quality outputs for their branding clients, they eventually got popular through recommendations. With that, you can expect their team to be as hands-on as possible in helping you towards your branding goals.

9. TGE Marketing & Advisory

TGE Marketing Advisory

Their impressive track record helped TGE Marketing & Advisory gain a reputation in the industry. They extend marketing and branding services that help businesses scale up their business and gain loyal customers. Through their cohesive strategies, they implement set branding in all possible touchpoints for a more impactful and strategic approach.

10. Nomadic Advertising

Nomadic Advertising helps its clients jumpstart their business through branding aligned with their goals. This can be done through the establishment of a brand vision and style which can tap into the target audience’s psyche. Furthermore, setting a brand personality also helps a lot. No need to worry if you’re not too versed with this because they can guide you along the way.

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