Branding Lessons from Top Crypto Brands You Can Use Today


As a crypto brand owner, it is no news to you that the cryptocurrency industry is not static. As a matter of fact, it is volatile and unpredictable in nature. 

With its innovative structure, each passing day welcomes the introduction of new projects with newer tokens. An average of hundred cryptocurrencies are developed every day.

The crypto space is vast, and with the massive competition, it is challenging to beat the competition and scale a startup if the right branding strategies are not in place.

 One thing is sure–whatever business you run in the space, be it:

  • An exchange service
  • A trading service
  • project building
  • Crypto mining business
  • Consulting
  • Blockchain development

You want it to be known by potential customers and get reasonable ROIs. So, if you’re asking—how can I position my crypto brand to stay ahead of the competition and attract the right investors? 

Come along, and let’s take a cue from top crypto brands. 

Branding—all your crypto business needs


The most branded and marketed products sell in conventional sales and marketing, but there are better ones. Your solution may be the best in town but would only sell with proper publicity and branding.

Similarly, a brand with an inferior solution compared to yours could pull patronage with the right marketing strategies in place. That’s a twist, right? Notwithstanding, providing inferior services to your clients is not an excuse. Hence, you lose them. 

It’s all about the perception you create in people’s minds when they think about a particular solution. As you read on, say you want to collaborate with a crypto exchange; what name comes to mind first? Don’t say it out. However, that’s what branding is. 

Branding helps build the loyalty of your customers. Beyond this, it helps make loyal employees by giving them insights into the organization’s purpose. Proper branding also ensures brand credibility, recognition, and values.  

Want to create an excellent crypto brand? You’d be good to go if your brand has one or more combinations of the components below.

  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand promise
  • Brand experience
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand differentiation
  • Brand identity
  • Brand Values

 What 7 branding lessons can you learn from top crypto brands today.

1. They have a unique brand offering(unique value proposition(UVP)



Each of the top crypto brands you see around has a unique value they offer. A brand comes to mind first if you think of a particular solution. Consider what makes you stand out and differentiates you from competitors in creating a solid brand offering. 

What do you provide that other brands don’t? That’s what makes you unique. If you stand out from the park of crypto brands in the space, your brand will scale.

Here’s the catch–you have to mirror the importance of your offering to your target audience and create an emotional connection with them. You can achieve this by telling a story that resonates with them. 

Often, customers want to know what they can benefit from your brands. You cannot beg your way to sales. Top crypto brands catch the attention of prospective investors by telling a story about–

  • Why their brand exists
  • The benefits of their products
  • Why did they create a particular technology
  • The problem they intend to solve. 

A unique brand offering makes you the go-to brand for a particular crypto solution. You become a thought leader. For example, if you run a crypto exchange, and investors want to buy polkadot or other cryptocurrencies, are you the go-to brand? 

You can establish this position further by creating informative articles and highly opinionated content. 

It is vital to join discussions on crypto communities that resonate with your offerings. These communities can also birth the next set of investors for your crypto business. 

2. They maximize social media


There are 4.26 billion people who use social media worldwide. That’s about 58.4% of the world’s population. Top crypto brands know this, and they make good use of it. 

Marketing has gone beyond the traditional form. It now happens with social media. This means only one thing—you need a social media presence for your crypto brand. 

A crypto brand without a strong presence is missing out on massive ROIs. How best do you think crypto enthusiasts worldwide can be reached at once? Top crypto brands use social media platforms to connect to the global crypto community. 

Active crypto communities on Linkedin, Discord, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram constantly discuss newer innovations and opportunities. As a crypto brand, you can maximize this opportunity to create valuable content that attracts your target audience. 

Top crypto brands also utilize social media to build a community of followers and enthusiasts for their brands. They share timely updates and announcements on the latest development and other related information about the brand.

With social media, events like AMAs and quizzes can be hosted. Feedbacks from your followers or users are also easy to collate. That way, you can get insights into where you need some improvements. 

3. They have user-friendly websites


Top crypto brands have user-friendly websites. It’s not negotiable. They create these platforms so their target audience can learn everything they need about the brand. 

Moreso, a well-designed and user-friendly website with every bit of information about your brand is an opportunity to convince potential clients.

 A website typically contains frequently asked questions(FAQs), information about team members, and the brand’s social media channels. Consider having a website with a fast load speed and a friendly UX. 

4. They build and maintain a strong brand reputation


 The volatile nature of the crypto space makes it easy for any brand to lose its reputation. Top brands are aware of this, so they tread softly. Also, as a brand owner, you want to maintain the trust of your clients.

You’d want to avoid negative comments about your brand. That is where a responsive customer support team is essential. Sometimes, your customers are not satisfied with your service. Don’t fret. It happens to the best of brands. 

However, your job at that point is to look for ways to satisfy the customer before it generates a public assault on the brand. Meanwhile, the crypto industry is a dog-eat-dog market. 

Your competitors often look for ways to outshine you, so you must be smart. When you finally get customers happy with your service, ask them for testimonials and reviews. That can boost your brand’s image in the public.

5. They engage SEO, track KPIs, and Analytics


Top crypto brands know the importance of a well-optimized website. SEO ranks a brand’s content on the Google search engine results page(SERP) for target keywords. 

Here is the catch–if your website makes the first page of Google’s SERP, it’s likely to record more traffic. However, the content on your website should meet users’ search intent.

You’d also want to track every lead in the sales funnel and key performance indicators (KPIs), encompassing traffic, sales, bounce rate, engagement, number of subscribers, etc. 

6. They engage in influencer Marketing, giveaways, and airdrops


Influencers are individuals in the crypto space with a good following on social media platforms. They get contacted by top crypto brands for marketing and promotions. 

Crypto influencers often have hundreds of thousands of followers they can persuade to patronize your brand. If you’ve just created a crypto project with tokens, Bounties are perfect for you.

Bounties are sums of money or items offered as an incentive for finishing a task. On the other hand, airdrops are given to lucky winners chosen randomly. It encourages community participation.

7. They engage in Email Marketing


Email marketing is another excellent way top crypto brands put their solutions in the face of potential customers. High-quality email campaigns produce massive leads, leading to a great turnout in ROIs.

Email marketing helps reach out to your target audience directly and at once. With email marketing, you can send targeted emails to existing or potential customers. As you read this piece, you still get email notifications from your favorite brands. 

They are just a way to keep customers updated about new features in the business. It may be an announcement for a recent project launch or encryption features. 

Emails are highly effective. Depending on the quality of the campaign, you can record outstanding outcomes. Suppose you are more relaxed about personally emailing your customers. In that case, you can employ a crypto marketing team to do that for you.

Whatever you do in the crypto space, prioritize branding

Every company wants to make sales. While it is essential to develop a product or offer services that would meet the needs of your target audience, more is needed. 
In marketing, the most branded product sells. However, you need to be consistent with getting your brand out there. It’s high time you start working. Use the branding lessons from top crypto brands and watch your crypto business scale.

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