10 Best Branding & Web Design Companies for Female Entrepreneurs

Who runs the world? Beyoncé has been singing for the past decade that girls do! As women get more empowered over the years, it’s no longer surprising that most women have gained the confidence to establish their own thing. Perhaps, in this case, a business. It’s also not surprising that women have each other’s backs. Always encouraging, supporting, and celebrating each others’ success.

If you are a female entrepreneur with no idea where to go or what to do next, you may check out these ten best branding and web design companies serving Toronto and Canada and climb up the ladder of success with them:

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up

It’s not only people that glow up over time, brands too! Put your trust in Brand Glow Up, and you won’t regret it. They have been in the business for over 14 years. To add, they are commended by various brands and websites over the years. If this doesn’t make them credible enough, you can further check out their client’s feedback. All noteworthy! Their team offers extensive service and can provide you with a tailor-fitted strategy that will surely boost your brand. Not only serving Toronto or Canada, but they also cater to brands all over the world.

2. Bowo Creative

Bowo Creative Website for Branding and Web Design

A creative agency run by women and made for women, Bowo Creative, is one of the go-to branding and web design companies for female entrepreneurs in Toronto and the whole of Canada. Dubbed as your social media best friend, they are focusing on beauty and skincare brands. Helping these brands to excel online through social media and maximizing reach.

3.Patricia Mari Creative

Patricia Mari Creative Branding

Run by a mom and a passionate woman, Patricia Mari Creative was established in 2020. We know the company is a bit new, but lo and behold, they have amazing packages you can check out. Drop by their website and see what they can offer you and your brand. You will not regret it. Also, they are in Toronto, so that’s perfect if you want to have a curated local strategy!

4.Easy Artisan Website

Easy Artisan Website

Easy Artisan Website is straightforward in what they can do for you. If that’s not enough to let you know what they do, you can drop by their website and see what they can do for you. From establishing brand identity to launching your very own website, they sure are among the best companies in Toronto and Canada you can work with.

5. The Fox Life

The Fox Life Website

The Fox Life is dedicated to helping small businesses with content and web development. They are quite good at what they do, which was shown through the number of clients they got to work with since 2013. Additionally, they are also based within Canada in Port Hope, Ontario, but they can accommodate brands all over the world. Consult with their team and see your brand’s true potential.

6.Sixth Workshop

Sixth Workshop Website

They handled several collaborations with diverse brands in the past and managed to deliver spectacular content. Sixth Workshop is a graphics design studio established in 2003. They worked with various people in the business, and you can easily check out their portfolio if you’re in doubt of what they can offer you. Definitely one of the best branding and web design for female entrepreneurs in Toronto and Canada to look out for.

7. Juliet Creative


Take a look at their website and imaging having something similarly creative for your own? The possibilities are endless with Juliet Creative! They aim to make content that is not only striking but also something that stays relevant. Putting together stories to build a more profound brand, this branding and web design company is featured several times in publications. Don’t shy away and drop a message to their team! As they say, good things happen when you say hello.

8. Double Barrel Studios

Double Barrel Studios Website for Branding and Web Design

Situated in Southern Ontario, Double Barrel Studios have proven to be excellent by withstanding challenges overtime for the last decade. They remained strong in the video content production field and are fantastic as well in branding and social media management. Adapting through time, the company has experienced different brands, which makes them perfect for female entrepreneurs who were just starting out.

9. Geek Unicorn

Geek Unicorn Website

Geek Unicorn might be the perfect branding and web design company for you. They are actually commended for their previous projects by previous clients and the industry awarding body. This, of course, goes to show how amazing the team behind this company is. Something even more interesting, this is a women-led company in Toronto! Indeed ideal for recent female entrepreneurs who needs branding and web design assistance.

10. Three Crowns Studio

Three Crowns Studio Website

Three Crowns Studio is actually a quite exciting branding and web design company. Established in 2017, the owner decided to use her fantastic photography skill and her knack for design and planning to help brands and businesses reach their potential. Encouraging female entrepreneurs to “be out there,” the company indeed is supportive and with a strong commitment to increasing its value.

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