Branding Checklist: How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Brand

How to Build an Effective BrandYou might be just starting your business or you are looking for ways to rebrand your business image.

Whatever your aim is, this branding checklist will surely help you in identifying key steps that are crucial in making the vision behind your brand into a reality.

Brand Fundamentals

a. Clarify Your Mission
Where do you want to go in this line of business? Who are you serving? Creating your enterprise’s purpose statement is extremely crucial so that there is something that you and your employees will look back on as you continue to grow and expand. A clear mission statement will remind you why you started in the first place.

b. Brand Values
Identifying your core values will illustrate what is important to you as a business and how you plan to use these values to guide you towards achieving your mission. These will also help you in making decisions because what you believe in as a brand and a business is clear.

c. Identify Your Niche
In the process of building your brand, you should also identify who your target audience or clientele is. Who is your target market? When you have answered this question, other decisions will be snappy and certain.

Determining also who you are competing with will help you in taking the necessary steps to up your game and clarify what is your brand’s edge over others who are already in the market.

d. Identify Your Brand Personality
To identify your brand’s personality is all about finding your voice. This inner voice or personality of your business should be something that attracts your target clientele and also genuinely connects with you.

e. Identify Your Strengths
Branding also entails that you know what your strengths and talents are, and you can communicate this to others. Giving a clear and good impression is crucial to show others what is your brand’s edge. This way, people will know what sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

f. Brand Message
A strong and motivational brand message helps your target audience to relate more to your brand. This can inspire and encourage them to eventually become your customers. Your brand message can be embodied in your:

  • Tagline – a short and strong tagline makes your audience remember what your brand is about.
  • Slogan – this should communicate a clear message about your brand and it should attract people who will resonate with you and your brand.
  • Keywords – these are the words that will optimize your brand’s presence particularly in search engines. Use a list of keywords for your files, descriptions and captions, blog titles, headings, etc.

Brand Aesthetic

a. Mood Board
Your brand has to have a collection of images that ultimately reflects your brand. A mood board will give a certain aesthetic or theme to your brand.

b. Typography
You should also maintain a certain technique of displaying your written materials such as the use of fonts and designs. Make it appealing and consistent so people will remember it and associate it with your brand.

c. Color Palette
Choose a particular color palette that people will be associated with your brand. Make sure that it reflects the personality that you are trying to portray.

d. Elements and Icons
Most people are visual and so it is important to maintain certain elements and icons in your visual materials to make your brand notable.

e. Logo Design
A logo is a crucial element of your brand. Design a logo that is simple but reflects what your business is about.

Brand Collateral

a. Website
Small business owners should have a website to promote the brand further and make it more credible. Of course, make sure that it will not break the budget. Bluehost is an example of an affordable but very reliable and fast hosting company.

b. Stationery
Business cards are a good way to market your business and showcase your brand aesthetics too. Keep them on hand always.

c. Brand Photography
Having a curated photo collection of your products is a good way to promote your brand and make your branding consistent. Professional headshots also will associate the face behind the brand. It will also bring in the human factor of your brand.

It is smart to invest in your brand photography. Bellamy Loft is a good option for professional space and photography services for your product photos and professional headshots.

Brand Content

a. Website Content
Website content might be tedious but it will ultimately help promote your brand. Keep your content simple, direct, but purposeful. Make sure that your content is rich, well-written, and proofread as well.

b. Blog Posts
Having a blog is effective in endorsing your brand and sharing with the public schedules of events, promotions, new products, etc. Some people like to read online about businesses, and having both a website and a blog help will improve your credibility and online presence. Be strategic and pace your blog posting as well.

c. Newsletters
Your newsletter should fit your brand and having one will give you a reason to have an email list (with clients’ consent) to promote your brand and business further.

d. Social Media
Social media is an effective and useful platform to market your brand further. It is also an effective way to create networks and grow your audience. Remember though, to be strategic in posting content to advance your brand’s online presence without sacrificing quality.

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