How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business

Facebook pages can be used not only for updates, photos and getting in touch with friends and relatives; the website is also a powerful tool for those that wish to market and brand their business. If you have no idea how to do this, check out some of these tips:

1. Make sure your cover photo stands out

This cover photo is the one feature on Facebook that allows users to make their page unique in design, style and layout, compared to the profile of other users on Facebook. Cover photos are a way of expressing your creativity, when it comes to marketing your brand. Using graphic design, you can use this Facebook feature to show others what products/services you offer. Upon viewing your page, the cover photo is the first thing that is seen, since it is wide and serves as the background for your business page’s profile icon or photo. As a brand, you can update your cover photo every week, month or season. This is up to you, but remember to use your cover photo to promote your products/services. Go for something catchy and appealing to your target market.

2. Your profile logo or photo is important

The main photo that you use is important because upon first performing a search for your product/service, a small square thumbnail icon version of this is the first graphic that is seen, and when clicked, the photo should show more detail and tell other a bit more about your brand.

3. Timeline achievements are also vital

Plenty of additions are now available on Facebook, among which are videos, stories and bigger photos. In order to see to it that your fans are aware of your company’s mini achievements, these can be highlighted using the Timeline feature. It is important to let fans see how far the company has come. You can even provide an incentive such as a prize, so your fans will go through your timeline to find out more details about your company.

4. Consider regular posts

Posting regularly does several things: remind fans of your business (products/services), as well as inform fans of any new promos.

6. Get creative with your page

You can do this by arranging and rearranging the apps and views featured of your Facebook page. You could have these follow a certain order, so fans notice the most important milestones of your company. It is also easier to manage Facebook pages now, with the addition of the Admin panel. This can be used for keeping an eye on new activities, editing and rearranging content as well as checking Insights in real-time.

7. Consider an app for your business

Here’s one idea: if you have just opened your very own dessert shop, get an app created for promotion purposes. The app can be a simple recipe book with some of your recipes featured, or a game with a waiter serving desserts to customers. Reaching higher levels can mean unlocking a new recipe. Get creative with what apps can work to promote your business and brand.

Facebook continues to add more and more features for those that wish to advertise their business for free through the social network. Having a strategically designed and arranged Facebook page means being a cut above your competitors, especially if you employ your creativity in keeping your fans interested and up-to-date with the products/services that you offer. Always keep an eye out for new Facebook features, as these new additions can expand the way you reach your audience, using your Facebook page.

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