10+ Best Carpet Cleaning Website Examples & Inspirations

Carpet cleaning may sound a bit mundane but this is a serious business and attracting high-value projects is possible with a good website. Often, homes with carpets are owned by affluent customers who would want premium care. With this in mind, coming up with a wonderful website which also speaks to them is one way to win over their trust. Here are 10+ Best Carpet Cleaning Websites Examples & Inspirations you can visit before you get started with your very own website.

10+ Best Carpet Cleaning Websites Examples & Inspirations

1. Heirloom

Heirloom Carpet Cleaning Website Examples

With a warm and inviting website, Heirloom has a luxurious website on its own merit. They showcase a unique pattern with call-to-action encouraging the visitors to get in touch with them. Furthermore, they listed down all their services with the corresponding photo representing each. Moreover, they also included a chat box on the bottom-right which encourages lead conversion that instant.

2. Steam Pro

Steam Pro has a website that’s straightforward. They prepared well-written web copy that is easy to read since they are in bullets. Furthermore, they also used images to express best the company’s story. Affiliations and testimonials from their previous clients are also helpful in establishing the credibility of the business.

3. N.S.E.W. Carpet

NSEW Cleaning Inspirations

Leaving quite an impressive, N.S.E.W. Carpet has a neat website design. They implemented an immersive full-screen photo media background with a readily available in case the site visitor wants to know more. Not only that, but they also have their socials for easy access too. Surely, their 15 years of experience in the industry is emphasized through the quick overview of the company and what services they cater.

4. Stanley Steemer

Conventional but Stanley Steemer has one of the best carpet cleaning website examples to check out. Adding life to the page, they used yellow and green as a pop of colour in their neutral website palette. Moreover, also have different sections where the site visitor can interact with the brand — by joining the email list and requesting of quotation.

5. Clean Carpet Rx

Carpet Cleaning RX Carpet Cleaning Website Inspirations
Clean Carpet Rx has a winning carpet cleaning website to get inspiration from. They understand their customers on a deeper level which allowed them to use a picture that taps into the client’s aspiration — to keep kids safe. Furthermore, they also kept their headline short and supported by a bullet list of important things you need to know about them.  

6. Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning

Maximizing the layout in one frame, Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning prepared a website with a side navigational bar with three sections to its right. These sections were used to highlight what services they extend and a call-to-action button to read more. Straightforward, they presented their pricing along with its inclusion. This can help filter out the messages they receive to those who are actually availing of their services.

7. We Clean Carpet

We Clean Carpet Cleaning Website Examples

Stunning website, We Clean Carpet wows us with its home-y colour choices and graphics. There are also call-to-action buttons to direct the customer to what service they need. Furthermore, there is a map available to help you visualize what areas are covered for their services. Reviews are also inserted every now and then to help with establishing their reputation.

8. Keep it Movin’

Keep it Movin‘ puts their contact details within the top bar to keep it within sight when a customer lands on the website. Moreover, they can also scroll further to get more information about the business’ services. Their rates are also included in a section so site visitors get an instant idea on what they offer — removing worries about hidden charges.

9. TPI Carpet Cleaning

TPI Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Website Examples

One of the best carpet cleaning website inspirations, TPI Carpet Cleaning focused on coming up with a converting website. They prepared sections that segregate customers — whether they fit a specific package or would like to have their own. Furthermore, they also emphasize that they cater not only for homes but commercial spaces too.

10. Heaven’s Best

For carpet cleaning, Heaven’s Best utilized a carousel banner which communicates what makes them far more special than other carpet cleaning businesses nearby. The services they offer are also listed in a grid-like pattern that redirects to a page with more information when clicked. Not only that, but they also have testimonials as well to encourage new customers and establish their expertise.


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