10+ Best Catering Website Examples & Inspirations

Success in the catering industry relies heavily on how one presents themselves and delivers quality service. Since the clients in this kind of business are more on events — establishing an understanding of grace and sophisticated execution is a plus. Make the most of the digital platform and take time to visit these 10+ Best Catering Website Examples & Inspirations.

10+ Best Catering Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Fork & Spoon Productions

Fork & Spoon Productions Catering Website Examples

With a sophisticated website, Fork & Spoon Productions understood the assignment. They incorporated a carousel featuring fantastic images from their previous projects — giving a feel of how they can be a great addition to any event. Moreover, the menu bar on top stands out. There is also a call-to-action intended to direct potential clients to learn more about what they offer. Scrolling further, they listed the events they cater to give an idea if they are what the client is looking for.

2. Cafe Natalie Catering

Cafe Natalie Catering has a wonderfully minimalist catering website example to check. They used mainly white backgrounds which emphasized the black text body and accent colours of red in call-to-action buttons. Moreover, they also added colourfully styled dishes that pop out more because of the contrast with the white background. Not only that, but they also included an easy-to-fill-out contact form for inquiries.

3. 24 Carrots

24 Carrots Catering Website Examples

We can stare at 24 Carrots‘ landing page carousel all day. They incorporated exquisite photos of events, food serving and setup, and other sneak peek of how one may aspire to any event they host can be. Touching on this, they also prepared a short write-up about the business and what they do. Moreover, they added a search bar, blog section, and contact details which all add to the narrative they want to share with the world and at the same time, invite the client in.

4. Bite

Bite has a stunningly sophisticated catering web design example that you can check out. Seemingly basic, they excelled in implementing a modern appeal through charmingly written web copy and bright colourful photos. Though seemingly short, they left their contact details and socials on the footer, encouraging the client to reach out or see what they have in store through their socials.

5. Creative Edge Parties

Creative Edge Parties Catering Website Inspirations

One of the best catering website inspirations you can ever see, Creative Edge Parties is all about leaving a remarkable experience whether virtually or in real life. They sport a seemingly simple website but lo and behold, the witty headline along with the playful pulsing egg graphic sure piques anyone’s curiosity. Another thing is, scrolling down is not happening here since they designed their website to scroll to the left.

6. Blue Plate Chicago

Exuding regalness and authority in the business, Blue Plate Chicago has a stunning landing page that one can get curious about easily. They have strategic call-to-action buttons located in each section, along with stunning contrast of photos when you scroll further down. Moreover, their awards and achievements were also listed and highlighted on the footer to establish their credibility.

7. Cove Catering

Cove Catering Website Inspirations

Dropping an instant winner headline, Cove Catering easily asks what you need and establishes that they’re what the client needs. The website maximized the use of their stunning shots from previous projects and used them to communicate a certain feel — if it fits what the potential client has in mind. Moreover, they also have an email list and socials to build your touch base and quickly get leads from in the future.

8. Salt Block Hospitality

Salt Block Hospitality is all about aesthetics and good food. This is reflected through their website and will surely impress those who seek such. Furthermore, they played around with colour contrasts and font sizes which encourages the site visitor to continue reading. Plus point for skimmability, they also added photos to add a more compelling narrative.

9. Little Wolf Catering

Little Wolf Catering Website Examples

Quite fun and playful, Little Wolf Catering used the bright colours and contrast to their advantage. This easily allows them to keep the client curious and attentive to taking action in their favoTheireir landing p immediately encourages the visitor to choose whether they are interested in events or delivered food. Saving time, allows them to have specific targetted conversion pages for each.

10. Catering by Michaels

Catering by Michaels is all about being straightforward. They included aesthetic photos with various call-to-action and search bars which nudges the client to go look for what they have in mind. Whether it be an example of a previous project they catered to or a menu they offer. Furthermore, they also added testimonials which help establish what kind of service they deliver — increasing trustworthiness.


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